Finally Paid A Visit to Butterfly World

butterflyThe plan for Friday was to rent a car for the weekend and do some touring around our lovely province of New Brunswick. Fundy Park was on the list for Friday but the rental company screwed up and didn’t hold a car for us.

We decided it would be a great day to visit Butterfly World  in Moncton which is right across Mountain road from Magnetic Hill. We were there last year to see all the animals at the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

The forecast was for thunder storms so we took the bus instead of walking there so we wouldn’t get caught in the rain.

It started to rain about 5 minutes after we arrived and just before they opened. The rain wasn’t hard at first but once we were in the butterfly compound it really started pouring outside. Glad we were indoors before the skies opened up.

The first butterfly I recognized was the Blue Morpho butterfly. I didn’t know what it was called when I went in but have seen it in yards around our neighbourhood. Love how the wings are blue on the inside and brown with big eye like circles on the outside of the wings.

blue butterfly blue morpho on window
Both Are A Blue Morpho Butterfly

I am learning the names of these butterflies from the Butterfly World Butterfly Guide.

How to Hold A Butterfly Without Hurting It

monarch butterflyGrowing up in Ontario I chased a lot of Monarch butterflies through our farm fields and wasn’t aware that I could hurt them by touching their wings.

It was nice to see a mother showing her child how to hold a butterfly safely and that is by not holding it at all. It is possible to just put your finger in front of a butterfly and allowing it to walk up on your finger.

Orange slices work well too as the butterflies love orange juice and will land right on the orange if you just let it sit for a while.

We don’t see any Monarch butterflies in our yard but we do have some Milkweed growing now. I am hoping that will attract them so they will start laying eggs on the under side of the milkweed leaves.

Childhood Memories

I watched a mom show her little pre-school girl an orange slice with the black butterfly in the image below. So cute to see how excited that little girl was to see a butterfly so close up. Instantly reminded me of my own childhood.

When the little girl was done admiring the butterfly she put it down every so gently on the head of a white rabbit. Just an ornament though and not a real bunny.

black butterfly

Rows of Butterfly Pupas

blue morpho butterflyThere was a glass container where I saw a Blue Morpho drying its wings after emerging from a pupa casing, if that’s what they are called.

The top door of this butterfly safety zone was open so I was able to take photos without viewing through the smug covered glass where the kids press up against the glass. Plus the new butterflies can leave once they have dried their wings and are strong enough. Very cool.

The butterfly that interested me the most was the Blue Morpho so it was great to see one had just emerged and was drying his wings.

In the last couple of years I have picked caterpillars off plants in our yard along with the leaves they were eating and brought them in the house in containers to watch them. Loved seeing them create their pupa casing and eventually emerging as a moth or butterfly before releasing them back outside.

If it hadn’t been for the screw up at the car rental I don’t know when I would have taken the time to enjoy and learn at Butterfly World.

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