I Always Look Forward To The First Snow Fall Each Autumn In Moncton

Ladybug, Ladybird

Mid November, we still have a few ladybugs hanging around.

A year ago on the 14th of November we still had at least one ladybug flying around the yard and it was about 8 Celsius for the day. I imagine she was looking for a way into our warm house for the winter.

This year on the 14th we had our first 5cm of snow with a temperature right below the freezing mark. Just cold enough that the snow was light and fluffy instead of wet and heavy. Plus it really wasn’t enough to shovel so that was a bonus.

playground-snow_thumb.jpgThe temperature rose a bit which caused some of the snow to melt and over night the temperature dropped below freezing again so the snow was crispy and crunchy plus there was a little bit of ice. Just enough that I had to walk carefully.

It was calm enough that snow built up on chain link fences making some cool patterns of snow. I guy when through this spot with his two dogs just as I was about to take some photos and he brushed against the fence.

Snowy Chain Link FenceSnowy Sherrad StreetThe following morning I took a walk to get some photos of the fresh snow. One of my favourite spots to get a photo after snow is on Sherrard Ave a block over from our house.

When I look out our east facing kitchen window I can see the top of this evergreen tree. It only takes about 5 minute to walk there for a good shot.

Plus a couple of times a year the sun is just right so that we see the tree turn golden at sunrise which is really cool.

Walsh Street MonctonIt was still quite dark when I was out walking around the neighbourhood so I had to do a little editing to bring up the light in this photo. I tend to prefer early morning for my walks and photography as there is almost no traffic and pretty much zero people wandering around like myself.

I haven’t seen any roses on our bushes for a while now but the leaves are still vibrant and a healthy green so they looked great with clean white snow on them. The fact there was little to zero wind it piled up pretty quickly.

Snow Covered Rose Leavessnow covered power linesGlad the temperature cold enough that we didn’t have heavy wet snow as it was piling up pretty fast on the power and phone lines so wet snow could have easily put out power around here.

The power and phone lines did look really cool with the street lights lighting up the snow that was accumulating on them. The snow here was so light it didn’t even put a bend in the lines.

I went back home for a while and to have some breakfast and then I was back out to get a few photos in the sunlight. Like this maple tree that was still full of leaves. It started dropping leaves by the bag full once the snow sat on the leaves for a while.

maple tree yellow leavesIt was like a winter wonderland and now has people scrambling to get their Christmas decorations started. Personally I think I will wait for another couple of weeks. Maybe once we are in December.

Visiting Moncton? Hike The Humphrey’s Brook Trail

autumn berriesThis is the first year I have checked out the parks in Moncton other than Centennial park and I have been  have a great time. Even dropped 15 pounds.

I wanted to find more parks so I used Google Maps to find parks in Moncton. How simple is that.

I found a few and have been walking to them and through them and just a few days ago I headed off to Humphrey’s Brook Trail which has an entrance on the Lewisville road between Elmwood drive and Pleasant street.

From where I started to the end where Harrisville Blvd is 4.5 Km. People will park at one entrance and walk as far as they want and turn around. I liked it and followed it to the end and back. It was also autumn at the time and I was spellbound by the fall colours.

I slept really well that night.

I love seeing berries turn bright red like you can see in the top left photo. We have bushes with berries at home so we are blessed. There was also plenty of trees making the change to autumn colours so my head was going around and around and up and down. Such a fun day.

humphrey's brook trail colours
Autumn in Humphrey’s Brook Trail

mallard ducks humphrey brookWho does love seeing or hearing a brook or stream. Even though the water was low in the brook the ducks didn’t seem to mind. It just made dinner a little closer to their beaks.

I didn’t spend a lot of times with the ducks although I do like them but I had a long way to go and would likely see them on my way back when the sun was in a better location.

Actually when I got back later they were sleeping and sunny themselves so I left them a long and continue back home.

mushroom capsThe trail is well conditioned so walking is easy even for families with strollers. I saw a lady jogging with he little one in a stroller with larger wheels. I am sure the was sleeping or have a great time. A little while later she came back still jogging.

There are side trails that lead into the forest where if you are like me you can find mushrooms, fungus, moss and lichen for great photos.

I prefer looking for mushroom to photograph early in the morning when they are new and haven’t been damaged. This mushroom looked like an acorn but it wasn’t and there were more but they were still very tiny.

beautiful trail

After walking the 3 Km from home to the park then walking the 4.5 Km trail and 4.5 Km back to the start and then the 3 Km home I was beat for at least two days but had such a great time. I did have my bus pass so I could have taken a bus but the walking was so nice that day.

Kingston Photo Nature Park Is A Photographers Dream Spot

antique wagon wheelSeptember 27th and Autumn has definitely arrived showing those rather distracting fall colours I love so much. Brian Black and I were heading to Kingston for a day of photography at the Kingston Photo Nature Park. Hard to tell you how excited I was.

Many thanks to Brian Black, a member of the Focus Camera Club Moncton who found me on Google+ and invited me to join him on a day trip to Kingston Photo Nature Park. So happy for the opportunity.

My head was on a swivel all the way there. Everything just looks spectacular with fall colours. I’m sure you would agree.

Fun In Photographer’s Heaven

ladybug kingston photo nature park

It didn’t matter what direction I looked there was something that called to be photographed and I tried to do my best to shot everything I saw without getting in the view finder of other photographers of course.

As I was trying to take it all I hadn’t moved when I heard a photographer say the word ‘Ladybug’ and my attention instantly focus on their position. I didn’t interrupt them but I did wait until they walked away. There I found my first ladybug of the day. It was the cute little on in the photo above.

scarecrow and pumpkinI hadn’t even left the parking area. Once I was done admiring the ladybug I headed down to the house to sign in. That is when I saw the cute scarecrow with his blanket and big bumpy pumpkin posing on an old wooden bench.

I really like this pumpkin as it had bumps that cast great shadows on this really bright and sunny day so I took a few close up photos.

I was so focus on the pumpkin I missed the little log cabin to my left as I turned right when I stood up because that was where the registration was happening. I did come back down to the house a few time during the day so I didn’t go without getting a few photographs of the cabin and then a grasshopper sitting on a leaf below the cabin.

log cabin

I would love to have seen what it looked like at night with that little patio light turned on and that block of wood with the double headed axe really adds to the feel of the cabin. I grew up for a little while in a log cabin back in the early 60s and this is way cooler.

Brian headed to the bird watching station on the hill and I headed for the rusting and aged antique cars. I love birds and see a lot at home but I seldom ever see old cars like the ones that used to be rusting at the back of our farm in Ontario.

antique car

I did go sit at the bird watching station after Brian and another photographer where I had a cookie and some water. I didn’t stay there long as I was eager to continue my adventure but did take a few photos of finches and blue jays feeding, just not at the same feeder.

Before I call it a day I want to be sure to thank the owner and co-owner at Kingston Photo Nature park and all the volunteers that made it such an enjoyable day. Also many thanks to Brian Black and the Moncton Focus Camera Club for the invitation as well as for driving me there and back safely.

Moncton Sunrise Over The Petitcodiac River

sunrise on the petitcodiac river moncton
Sunrise Over The Petitcodiac River Moncton

bankI tend to wake up through the night and yesterday was no different. When I wake up after 4am I will look out the window and see what the day looks like.

Yesterday was September 21 and when I looked out the window I could see stars and it looked like there might be clouds along the east horizon. I like that look so I stayed up and checked the temperature was 13 Celsius which is a comfortable temp for walking early morning.

Time to take the half hour walk to downtown Moncton and then on to the Petitcodiac river where I thought I would catch a good sunrise.

In the photo I took a few minutes before the sunrise showed the clouds in cool reds and oranges which made me wonder if the clouds were too thick to see the sun. That has happened so many times which is a bit depressing when you’ve walked a half hour to get there.

Just seconds after wondering if the sun was going to be visible I saw the slightest sliver of a bright red globe and instantly my spirits picked up. From the time I saw that little burst of hope it was visible enough to start getting some sunrise photos.

sunrise on the petitcodiac river

The clouds along the horizon were a very dim pink/red at first and I was wondering if there were too many clouds. Minute by minute the dim pink was turning red and then got brighter and brighter until I could finally see that top edge of the sun shining through the clouds. What a great feeling.

The photo at the top was just 2 or 3 minutes from the time I could see the top edge of the sun and it just got better and better with every passing moment.

I really enjoyed those few moments while the sun was moving above the horizon and then I noticed the golden light started hitting the muddy river bank which actually made me happy it was low tide. I have never seen the morning sun hitting the mud like this in the 30 some years I have lived in Moncton. Very cool.

sunrise on the petitcodiac

I saw a spot just up river from where I was standing where seagulls had walked across the mud while it was still wet. Looked really cool in the golden mud.

bird tracks in the wet river bank mud

My next adventure in Moncton will be to walk to Dieppe and see if I can catch a moon rise as well as the sun setting across the river.

Made It To Irishtown Nature Park Trails

irishtown nature park signI heard about the Irishtown Nature park from photographers on Google+ but assumed it was at Irishtown which is just over 11 Km from our house and a little too far for me to walk to.

It wasn’t until Jenny’s nephew Patrick dropped in to wish her a happy birthday. While we were chatting he mentioned how much he likes having lunch at the Irishtown Nature park. That’s when I learned it is only 6.3 Km from our house to the park which I thought was something I could do.

It was just 6C when I got the following morning so I got ready and headed out shortly after Jenny went to work. I did bring my bus pass in case I wore myself out before getting back home again as well as a bottle of water, a few cookies and a little money in case I needed more water and food later.

I left the house at 7:55am, walked the 6.3 Km and arrived at the Irishtown Nature park sign above at 9:15am. It took me a little longer because I snapped 176 photos along the way.

Irishtown Nature Park

irishtown nature park reservoir

If you look closely you will see a walking bridge way back there and I wanted to get there so I could take another photo looking back this way. I took a trail through the forest rather than follow the gravelled path that went around but no close enough to see the water as you walk.

cute brown squirrelAs I was walking the path following the water I heard squirrels letting me know that I was on their turf and that they would appreciate a peanut or two.

This little brown squirrel was just quietly sitting munching on a pine cone but had one eye on my every second.

After about 8 or 10 photos he thought it was time I moved on so he became vocal. I smiled, waved and said goodbye for now.

white mushroomMy goal, if I had one, was to get a few good photographs of mushrooms as I haven’t had much luck finding mushrooms in the other places I go. I had no problem finding mushrooms along the trails next to the water where it was a bit damp.

I found a few mushrooms on the first trail I followed through the forest close to the water and again once I reached the bridge and crossed to the other side of the water where I followed a closed trail.

The only reason they closed this trail was to repair old boards on the walking bridges as well as spots on the trail that need cleaning up before next spring.

Walkers, Joggers And Kayakers

joggersI saw moms pushing strollers along the nice wide pebbled trails. Some people were out walking with friends while others like myself were enjoying the park by themselves. I even saw a few joggers enjoying the trails.

I saw a group of about 15 joggers who all piled up on a walking bridge with a view of the lake when the first few took too long admiring the beauty of the lake. It was a time I should have hit record instead of just snapping a couple of photos.

Once the joggers all passed by I noticed someone was in a kayak way up near the other bridge and I could see they were headed in my direction so I tried to get to a good spot to get a photo of him coming straight at me. I didn’t get that shot because he was way faster than I thought he was.

This Kayaker Wasn’t Wasting Any time

By the time I walked the 6 Km back home again I was worn out and needed to sit down and take a load off my feet and back. However as tired out as I was it was one of my most fun days this summer.

Mapleton Park Walking Trails A Great Place To Stretch Your Legs

under the bridge
Under The Mapleton Park Bridge

mapleton park trailWe heard about Mapleton Park from a friend a year or two ago but it’s just far enough away that I really would need to take a bus there so I wouldn’t be worn out by the time I walked there.

Jenny and I decided to check the trails so we took the bus part way and got off a little closer to Mapleton park. We only had to walk for about ten minutes and it was still early enough that we weren’t frying yet.

I believe there are two main paths going across the park. One at the north end and the other along the brook at the south end. There are also many smaller paths that go back and forth between the two main paths.

We walked the full length of the two main paths which was about 5 km and also took a few of the branches off the path. All added up we probably walked about 10 km and Jenny was pretty beat by lunch time.

From the park by home we saw an A&W so we stopped there and had a yummy lunch which gave her the energy to continue home without taking a bus. So proud of her as she is six months older than me.

Want To Find Squirrels Just Listen

never aloneSquirrels like to let you know they are around and that you might be walking through their territory. They may even demand a treat before they let you pass.

Many of the squirrels we saw were heard first and the reason we turned our head and camera that way. This little guy was chattering like a mad squirrel.

As we walked past this chatterer I am sure he was disappointed we didn’t offer him any nuts. Sorry we kind of ate those on the way to the park.

Jenny was standing on one of the bridges crossing the brook when a brown squirrel climbed up onto the bride. At first he didn’t see Jenny. When he did he kind of got spazzy and spun around in a circle not quite sure what to do.

jumping squirrel

The he jumped up on the railing and took off across the bridge that way and then down onto the rocks and up at tree. All that in about 4 seconds.

We definitely enjoyed the park but had to head back home before the heat of the day got the better of us. We will be back to enjoy the park and next time we will bring a few treats for the birds and squirrels and maybe even have a picnic of our own.

caterpillarAs we were leaving the park I noticed a little caterpillar heading into the park. Likely looking for a place to make the transformation into a butterfly.

So by the time we got back home we had walked almost 10 kilometers and were ready to cool off and put our feet up.

The trails that led across the park are 2-3 kilometers with trails going back and forth between them. We follow the north trail from Mapleton to Gorge road and then followed the south trail back to Mapleton road.

Finally Paid A Visit to Butterfly World

butterflyThe plan for Friday was to rent a car for the weekend and do some touring around our lovely province of New Brunswick. Fundy Park was on the list for Friday but the rental company screwed up and didn’t hold a car for us.

We decided it would be a great day to visit Butterfly World  in Moncton which is right across Mountain road from Magnetic Hill. We were there last year to see all the animals at the Magnetic Hill Zoo.

The forecast was for thunder storms so we took the bus instead of walking there so we wouldn’t get caught in the rain.

It started to rain about 5 minutes after we arrived and just before they opened. The rain wasn’t hard at first but once we were in the butterfly compound it really started pouring outside. Glad we were indoors before the skies opened up.

The first butterfly I recognized was the Blue Morpho butterfly. I didn’t know what it was called when I went in but have seen it in yards around our neighbourhood. Love how the wings are blue on the inside and brown with big eye like circles on the outside of the wings.

blue butterfly blue morpho on window
Both Are A Blue Morpho Butterfly

I am learning the names of these butterflies from the Butterfly World Butterfly Guide.

How to Hold A Butterfly Without Hurting It

monarch butterflyGrowing up in Ontario I chased a lot of Monarch butterflies through our farm fields and wasn’t aware that I could hurt them by touching their wings.

It was nice to see a mother showing her child how to hold a butterfly safely and that is by not holding it at all. It is possible to just put your finger in front of a butterfly and allowing it to walk up on your finger.

Orange slices work well too as the butterflies love orange juice and will land right on the orange if you just let it sit for a while.

We don’t see any Monarch butterflies in our yard but we do have some Milkweed growing now. I am hoping that will attract them so they will start laying eggs on the under side of the milkweed leaves.

Childhood Memories

I watched a mom show her little pre-school girl an orange slice with the black butterfly in the image below. So cute to see how excited that little girl was to see a butterfly so close up. Instantly reminded me of my own childhood.

When the little girl was done admiring the butterfly she put it down every so gently on the head of a white rabbit. Just an ornament though and not a real bunny.

black butterfly

Rows of Butterfly Pupas

blue morpho butterflyThere was a glass container where I saw a Blue Morpho drying its wings after emerging from a pupa casing, if that’s what they are called.

The top door of this butterfly safety zone was open so I was able to take photos without viewing through the smug covered glass where the kids press up against the glass. Plus the new butterflies can leave once they have dried their wings and are strong enough. Very cool.

The butterfly that interested me the most was the Blue Morpho so it was great to see one had just emerged and was drying his wings.

In the last couple of years I have picked caterpillars off plants in our yard along with the leaves they were eating and brought them in the house in containers to watch them. Loved seeing them create their pupa casing and eventually emerging as a moth or butterfly before releasing them back outside.

If it hadn’t been for the screw up at the car rental I don’t know when I would have taken the time to enjoy and learn at Butterfly World.

A New Brunswick Day Trip With Family And Camera

steve and bri and myrtleOur son Steve moved from Moncton to Saskatchewan a couple of years ago to get a job in his field. We have only seen him using Skype so it was great news when I learned he and his fiancée were coming home for a two week visit.

He wanted it to be a big surprise for Jenny (him mom) so I kept the secret for months. So many times I almost let it slip… but I didn’t.

He has been showing off his best girl Bri none stop and taking her to all his best spots. We all went for a day trip last Friday to see some of the sites we love to see like Fundy National Park, Dennis Beach and the Underground lake.

Snapped A Family Photo Before Heading Out

Started With The Underground Lake

underground lakeThe last time Jenny and I were at the Underground lake off she was actually pregnant with Steve, almost 30 years ago. The Underground lake is on a road that is off the Albert Mines road which is just past Hillsborough if you’re coming from Moncton heading in the Fundy Park direction.

I have to say that it was a whole lot easier to get to 30 years ago, even though Jenny was 7 or 8 months pregnant at that time. Since then the path has never been taken care of and has eroded to the point it is dangerous. Team work and helping the ladies through the rough spots made it doable.

heading in to the caveWe made it to the Underground lake. As you can see we are now entering the mouth of the cave. It has been almost 30 years since Jenny and I were here and I’m thinking now that we are both 60 it may just be our last time.

We are now remembering muscles we had forgotten we even had.

Steve helped Jenny and Bri down to the mouth of the cave. Fortunately there are some ropes to hold as you go down but they were we and muddy making it tough to hold on but they made it safely as you can see. I stayed up top for a few minutes to take some photos of them getting down there.

underground lake photo

I snapped a few photos inside the cave but of course it was pitch black in there and our flashlights didn’t help much so I found it hard to get a focused image. Should have brought my float-tube so I could have gone further in.

Then it was back to the car to head to our next adventure…

slide fire escape… next stop was the old school at Riverside Albert. You don’t see old style schools like this much anymore. The school even has a separate entrance for boys and girls at opposite ends of the school. Plus they have two old style tube slides as fire exits. Loved those as a kid many moons ago.

We looked around and then just took a little time out to play on the merry-go-round thingy. Bri and Jenny took a few minutes to use the swings and then it was on to the Crooked Creek lookout.

Just before we left the school I thought it would have been cool to take a slide down from the top just for old time sake. It has been 40 years or more since I slide down one of these old fire escapes.

Crooked Creek And The Lookout

crooked creek lookoutThe Crooked Creek lookout is at Riverside Albert and just two minutes from the old school there and such a gorgeous spot to look out over the creek and surrounding hills. I visit this lookout a lot and in the 30 years I have lived in New Brunswick I have never gotten bored with the view.

The photo on the right is zoomed in on a section of Crooked Creek which we drove to after leaving the lookout.

This is one of the first locations I fished when I visited New Brunswick back in 1974. Lovely trout in this brook.


In the image above you can see the spot I zoomed in on for the previous image. It’s about 2 kilometers away.

walking through the treesSteve drove as far down the old road that follows the river as we could go. Rains had washed out the road around a culvert and our rental car was too low to the ground to get over it so we walked the rest of the way to the spot we wanted to see. Beautiful road with plenty of trees shading us as we walked.

As we walked we could see the creek and hear the water which is such a nice sound. The spot we were walking to was more opening and we didn’t have to walk through the forest to get there.

crooked creek
Crooked Creek – Riverside Albert

After little bit of skipping stones and exploring we heading on to our first visit to Dennis Beach off Route #915

Our First Time At Dennis Beach

dennis beachSteve used to tell us how much he and his friend Robin loved Dennis beach but Jenny and I had never even seen it. We always went to Cape Enrage and then on to Fundy Park so he took Bri, Jenny and myself to Dennis Beach and it was amazing.

By the time we arrived it was already quite hot and from the top of the cliff we were on we could see mist coming off the wet sand. Very cool but hard to get in a photo from this height and distance away.

We parked at the top of a high sand and stone cliff where we had a choice of taking the easy way down or to go down the cliff. We all decided to go down the cliff. I went first and once I was done I had wished someone had taken a video because it was so much fun and just a tad risky.

Steve came down next but at only half the speed I went down. Then Bri slide down on her behind while Jenny stood up and followed her down… very slowly. Very very slowly. I guess you ladies as well as 60 year old ladies shouldn’t try running down this cliff side.

steve coming down cliff

I got a few shots of Steve flying down the side of this rather steep hill but could only get half the hill in the shot but I am sure you can see how this could be a lot of fun as well as a little scary looking down from the top.

bri and jenny going down the cliff
Bri on her butt and Jenny walking behind her.

I personally enjoyed this beach more than any other beach I have been on in New Brunswick but for me it’s all about the scenery and beauty.

The tide was fully out and mist was coming up off the hot wet sand which is where Bri and Steve headed immediately as Bri has never seen or been in the ocean. She is from Saskatchewan and it is a long drive to any ocean.

dennis beach at low tide
A long walk when it’s low tide at Dennis Beach

jenny eatingI was more intrigued by all the rock formations and the stony parts of the beach. Plus a few years ago Steve had taken a some photos of a little waterfall coming down over the rocks so I knew that was where I wanted to go.

Jenny decided it was a great time to sit on a rock for a few minutes so she could eat something to build up her energy reserves.

Within a few minutes Jenny as well as Steve and Bri looked like little dolls on the beach. I zoomed in on Jenny and hollered load enough to get her attention so she would look my way.

waterfall dennis beach

tide coming inBy the time we were done exploring the beach, rocks and cliffs the tide had started coming back in again which always stirs things up in the water making it look like a big chocolate drink. Mmmm

Bri and Steve got to the ocean just before it changed direction so they got to see it while it was still clear water.

We still had a big part of the day left and needed to be on our way to Fundy National Park so Bri, Steve and Jenny climbed way up a huge rock formation to wave goodbye.

leaving dennis beach

Well that was a big part of our day but I think this post is a bit long so the rest will be in the next post telling you how our trip to Fundy National Park was.

Walked To Hall’s Creek Trail in Moncton

halls creek trail signSpring fever has me wandering all over the Moncton area with my camera in hand to see all the life come back after our long icy cold winter. The warmer it gets the further I am walking.

Yesterday, May 22nd, I walked to a location I could see water and was curious to see if I could find some waterfowl. I first saw this location from about 2 kilometers away using my zoom lens.

I saw a few ducks swimming around the little cove as well as two Canada geese. Didn’t see any babies so I guess they are just getting their families started for this spring.

When I came out of the spot I had seen at a distance a few weeks ago I decided to walk a little further up the road to see around the next bend where I had seen a bigger pond or cove.

Started walking to the bigger pond but saw the entrance to Hall’s Creek Trails and had to check it out. Perhaps the fact it was an opportunity to get out of the direct sunlight for a while may have been a factor.

So glad I found this spot and will return again soon.

Here are a few photos I took while walking this trail starting with this moss covered tree stump. A closer look and you might just see a green eyed monster hiding in there.

Saw a couple of mallard ducks on the creek but there were too many small trees and branches blocking them from a good photo so I let them be.

This is a great trail to see how Mother Nature recycles things in the forest and by that I mean things growing there and not trash some people leave behind.

baldheadedeagleinflightI walked down to the brook to checkout the water and culvert. From the brook I could see into the open area across the brook. I looked up and saw this tiny bald-headed eagle although it’s far from tiny, it was just really far away.

I snapped a few photos while it was making a landing on an old pine tree. I walked a little further along the trail where I found a lookout where I could see that the tree actually was the nesting area for this eagle.

Not the greatest photo I know but it was a beautiful scene watching it come in for a landing. The photo below shows him/her circling first.

the eagle is landing

eagle nest in pine treeI couldn’t see a nest at this time but once I walked a little further along the trail and got to the lookout I could see the nest.

I will have to get a little closer without disturbing them and maybe from a higher point of view. I’d love to see both parents and a couple of baby eagles.

But that adventure will have to be another day as I was already getting to the point of exhaustion plus I had only brought two cookies and a bottle of water so I was getting quick hungry.

Shediac Cape New Brunswick Mid January

casey on the iceNew Brunswick has already had its share of snow and ice as well as a deep freeze that lasted a couple of weeks. This was followed by a mild break which melted a lot of snow and helped get the ice off the sidewalks and streets.

My friend Casey appearing in the photo on the left gave me a call and we went for a drive out to Shediac Cape to see how the ice was out there and to see if anybody was fishing yet.

The sky was clear of any clouds and a very bright blue making it hard to see without my sunglasses on. Couldn’t have asked for a better day as the temperature was quite comfortable.

There was no wind either so the guys who might normally be in their fish huts just drilled holes in the ice outside their hut and were sitting out there fishing from lawn chairs. They already had a few dozen smelt.

landscape ice fishing

smelt faceAfter a few pictures and a bit of watching we left and drove a little further on up the road to see if there were other fish huts out. Then we headed back home with plans to come back the following day, which we did.

The smelts are between 6 and 8 inches so I zoom in on one of them to show you the golden colour the sun was causing as it hit them. Otherwise they are more of a silver colour.


The fish hut above caught our eye as it looks pretty cool. I imagine this was going to be hauled out on the ice Friday night after work or maybe early Saturday morning to get ready for a day of ice fishing.

We headed back the following day which was extremely foggy and bit chillier as a result but fortunately there was still now wind or it could have been uncomfortable fishing on the ice.

ice fishing augerCasey brought his ice auger and in just a couple of minutes we each had a hole made in the ice and started setting up for some smelt fishing.

I bought an ice fishing rig the previous day but didn’t realize the difference slightly bigger hooks would have on the numbers of smelt caught. Meaning I was catching anything with my new rig.

Casey offered me one of his rigs a couple of times but I was determined to catch something on my own rig. Well after a couple of hours with nothing, while Casey was hauling them in one after the other, I decided to take him up on his offer.

I immediately started catching smelt and all was well in my world once more.