Three Tips About Riding A Horse Trail

horse trail ridingJenny and I love to travel around New Brunswick and we will soon be traveling across Canada to see the sites we have dreamed about for years. On thing we both want to do but have never had the time is riding a horse trail.

As complete newbies to horse back riding we needed some horse trail riding tips. The following article is one I found this morning that gave us a few good tips and I would like to share them with you.

We live in Moncton, New Brunswick and love going to Fundy Park. I can’t tell you how many times we have gone to Fundy Park as a family and passed Broadleaf Riding Stables. We have even stopped to let our son see the horses but never thought about learning how to ride a horse or to take a trail ride.

Our son has grown up now and on his own so we are able to do some things we never had time for in the past and horse trail riding is now on the list as it looks like so much fun and I love adventure.

We would never do this on our own as it could bad and we would have no clue what to do. With Broadleaf Riding Stables we would have guides that know what they are doing so we would be in good hands.

It’s great having a place to go to learn to ride and to have an adventure and we don’t even need to own a horse. It would be tough as we live in the middle of Moncton plus our budge would never allow us to afford a horse.

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