Kingston Photo Nature Park Is A Photographers Dream Spot

antique wagon wheelSeptember 27th and Autumn has definitely arrived showing those rather distracting fall colours I love so much. Brian Black and I were heading to Kingston for a day of photography at the Kingston Photo Nature Park. Hard to tell you how excited I was.

Many thanks to Brian Black, a member of the Focus Camera Club Moncton who found me on Google+ and invited me to join him on a day trip to Kingston Photo Nature Park. So happy for the opportunity.

My head was on a swivel all the way there. Everything just looks spectacular with fall colours. I’m sure you would agree.

Fun In Photographer’s Heaven

ladybug kingston photo nature park

It didn’t matter what direction I looked there was something that called to be photographed and I tried to do my best to shot everything I saw without getting in the view finder of other photographers of course.

As I was trying to take it all I hadn’t moved when I heard a photographer say the word ‘Ladybug’ and my attention instantly focus on their position. I didn’t interrupt them but I did wait until they walked away. There I found my first ladybug of the day. It was the cute little on in the photo above.

scarecrow and pumpkinI hadn’t even left the parking area. Once I was done admiring the ladybug I headed down to the house to sign in. That is when I saw the cute scarecrow with his blanket and big bumpy pumpkin posing on an old wooden bench.

I really like this pumpkin as it had bumps that cast great shadows on this really bright and sunny day so I took a few close up photos.

I was so focus on the pumpkin I missed the little log cabin to my left as I turned right when I stood up because that was where the registration was happening. I did come back down to the house a few time during the day so I didn’t go without getting a few photographs of the cabin and then a grasshopper sitting on a leaf below the cabin.

log cabin

I would love to have seen what it looked like at night with that little patio light turned on and that block of wood with the double headed axe really adds to the feel of the cabin. I grew up for a little while in a log cabin back in the early 60s and this is way cooler.

Brian headed to the bird watching station on the hill and I headed for the rusting and aged antique cars. I love birds and see a lot at home but I seldom ever see old cars like the ones that used to be rusting at the back of our farm in Ontario.

antique car

I did go sit at the bird watching station after Brian and another photographer where I had a cookie and some water. I didn’t stay there long as I was eager to continue my adventure but did take a few photos of finches and blue jays feeding, just not at the same feeder.

Before I call it a day I want to be sure to thank the owner and co-owner at Kingston Photo Nature park and all the volunteers that made it such an enjoyable day. Also many thanks to Brian Black and the Moncton Focus Camera Club for the invitation as well as for driving me there and back safely.


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  1. Well written article on the Kinston Photo Nature Park. I have visited this park numerous times and come away with great photos. I know the owners who are super helpful and friendly with a wealth of knowledge in photography . A hidden gem of a place to visit in your travels …….. Well worth visiting !!!

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