Security & Safety Issues You Need To For International Travel Tours

india travel tipsPeople leave the familiar comforts of one’s home to travel abroad for various reasons. The most frequent reason why people travel is because of their interest towards other cultures and traditions and, of course, for the thrill and fun of it.

Having fun outside your own country can be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime but it can also be a nightmare.

We live in New Brunswick Canada and I could just imagine falling ill or having an accident while on international travel tours. Even worse could be losing your travel documents, money or luggage. There are many mishaps that can potentially happen while you are supposed to be living your dream.

Are These Travel Misfortunes Preventable?

Understandably, there are some mishaps that are hard to stop like getting sick but most of these can actually be prevented. There are a lot of safety tips that travelers should be aware of in order to avoid them and unknowingly getting in trouble.

Here are those precautions that every traveler on international travel tours must follow:

Take Some Planning Your Trip

Photoxpress_10353213Most negative things involved around traveling can be reduced or even eradicated by learning how to plan your trip. Check on your itinerary, travel documents, credit and insurance. Are you traveling along with other people in a group tour or are you traveling solo?

Traveling solo can be risky, especially if you’re female. But you can’t let fear and worry rule over your travel plans. Instead adopt security measures by knowing and planning where you go, how you travel and where you stay.

Without Money You’re Sunk

carry cashYou can’t do much these days without credit cards but don’t rely 100% on them. You need to carry a bit of cash however you should never carry too much at one time and for heavens sake don’t open your wallet where people can see what you have.

Think before you act. I’m talking about when you withdraw money from an ATM machine. This is where many people part with their money so be sure you are in an area that has plenty of lighting as thieves tend to like the dark situations.

Instead be smart and do your withdrawals in the morning with a group of people as there is safety in numbers. Once you’ve got your money for the day keep it close to your body along with your travel documentation to prevent them from being stolen.

Learn The Safest Places To Stay

Never leave your hotel door unlocked, not even for a minute. You come in your room and the door is locked immediately. Quite often thieves are working where you stay so for this reason it’s not good to leave valuables in your room either.

Most hotels will have a safe so instead of worrying about your expensive things like money and jewellery get them into that safe rather than leaving them in your room.

It’s always good to learn where the exits are so that if anything bad happens you can find your way to an exit or safety.

Don’t Over Share With Strangers

It’s great to get out, have fun, meet knew people but don’t over share with people you’ve just met. Thieves can be quite charming in order to get what they want so keep your head about you at all times.

I’m sure you’ve heard in the news how people are drugged and it usually happens when one isn’t paying attention to their drink at all times. This can be hard to do when you’re traveling alone and it only takes two seconds for someone to drop something in your beverage.

Have a good time, be safe and never invite a stranger back to your hotel room and don’t even think of going anywhere with them.

Keep Your Wits About You

Having a drink is fine but in order to stay alert it’s better to stay sober. If you want to get loaded wait until your back home with your own friends because getting drunk in a strange place is just not too intelligent.

Did I mention you should never accept a drink from a stranger.

Let People Know Where You Will Be

When you are leaving the comfort of your home and country let people know. Let them know when you are leaving, where you are going and staying as well as when you expect to be returning home again.

We have friends who went abroad and were backpacking to save money. They didn’t really plan their activities and were robbed of all their money and watches and jewellery which brought their trip of a lifetime to a quick end. Fortunately they were not hurt or killed in the process.

Don’t Drink The Water

kenna-jersey-city-481124-oNever trust local drinking water in the different places you visit, instead it’s safer and healthier to bring along bottled water anywhere you go.

It’s a smart move to bring water purification tablets just in case bottled water is not available to you for whatever reason. You need these especially when traveling by bus or train and in cross-country road trips.

Most Important Travel Tip

There are many more safety rules for international travel tours that travelers can follow to remain safe and in my opinion it starts with the packing of your luggage. Never let anyone else pack your luggage and never ever leave your luggage alone for even a minute. This travel tip could save you from a huge travel nightmare.

Learning more about where you plan to travel and safety issues is a great place to start so you know what paper work you need and what you should be avoiding while you’re there.

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