You Should Be Taking Holidays Meant For Singles

I have to say that the most fun times I’ve had in life usually happen when I am with like minded people, doing things together and creating memories that last a lifetime. Many times in my life I have called up those memories when friends are over or I’m at guitar jams.

When my son and his friend told us they would like to look at holidays for singles which immediately made sense to me. There were no where to call for holidays with other single people when I was single. I think it would have been the coolest thing ever.

I remember the year, way back when I was just 21 living in Canada. A friend of mine suggested we take a bus trip from Toronto to Florida where we both had friends. I hesitated at first but when I started thinking of how much fun the two of us, both single, could have in Orlando, Florida.

That was a time that is one of those best memories ever that I can always call on for a smile. My friend met the man she would later marry. Together they created the most beautiful child and it all started by two single friends taking a trip together.

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