Finally Made A Spring Visit To The Sackville Waterfowl Park

sackville waterfowl parkJenny and I both retired now and bought a car in May 2015. So nice to go further than our feet will carry us. One of our first day trips was the Sackville Water Fowl Park.

We were a little early to catch water fowl with babies but it was gorgeous day and a beautiful walk along the boardwalk.

We had barely stepped on the boardwalk before I got the closest to a Red Winged Blackbird than I’ve ever been and even got a couple of photos to show for it.

red winged blackbird on reed

I expected all the birds to be at a distance so I started off with my zoom lens on my Nikon D5200. So of course the very first bird we saw flew right up to us and landed on the railing next to us. Nothing I could do but say hi and change to my 18-55mm lens.

We went to Sackville on the spur of the moment because we had our car but next time we visit Sackville Water Fowl park I would like to be there just before the sunrise or close to sunset on a day we have a few clouds and sun. I want to go back when in the Autumn when the leaves are changing colours.

Male American Wigeon Female American Wigeon
Male (left) & Female (right) American Wigeon

So nice to have a boardwalk so there is no need to wander around in the marsh with wet feet like I do near home.

Green-Winged Teal single canada goose
Green Winged Teal (Left) & A Single Canada Goose (Right)

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