Campobello Island – Bay of Fundy – New Brunswick Travel

You can take off for some whale watching excitement or maybe you might want to visit the Roosevelt Campobello International Park heritage cottage instead or even do both. Be sure you don’t forget Herring Cove Provincial Park is on the … Continue reading

Bay Of Fundy Parks: A Wilderness Full Of Wildlife

Along the shores, in the water and soaring overhead, observe routines of the Bay of Fundy’s local wildlife. Spot sandpipers and plovers running across the mudflats, white-tailed deer having a drink from brooks and lakes or even a moose rising … Continue reading

Bay Of Fundy: The Place To Watch Over 360 Species Of Birds!

More than 360 species of birds have been spotted across the Bay of Fundy area, including such endangered species as the peregrine falcon and the piping plover. The Bay is a fantastic destination for a lot of birdwatchers, especially during … Continue reading

New Brunswick – Never a Dull Moment for Kids on a New Brunswick Vacation

???Each New Brunswick city has a variety of ‘things to do’ for children on vacation. Yet even without organized activities, New Brunswick is the natural place to take your children for this year’s holiday. Let them experience the natural beauty … Continue reading

Bay of Fundy Rock Hounding: Where Continents Collide!

While the Bay of Fundy’s massive tides slowly chip away at the towering coastal cliffs and wash the shores, quite a few important rocks, zeolites and semi-precious stones are revealed day by day. As such, the Bay of Fundy is … Continue reading

Why New Brunswick Is a Popular Tourist Destination

New Brunswick, a beautiful Eastern Canadian province, is attracting an ever-increasing number of tourists. Of course, the region’s spectacular natural beauty is a huge draw on its own. Yet vacationers say that they have varied reasons for choosing New Brunswick … Continue reading

New Brunswick – Unique Experiences and a Taste For the Natural

Getting yourself and your family out of the country is an invigorating way to start a family vacation. Tons of people say that travelling the world is one of their lifelong dreams, and a great way to start it off … Continue reading

Maritime Travel: New Brunswick – Fun and Recreation

Image via Wikipedia With the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy and the backdrop of the Appalachians (the oldest mountain range in North America), visitors can expect New Brunswick to inspire the adventurous type. Its natural beauty encourages … Continue reading