Visited Crooked Creek Lookout Riverside Albert, New Brunswick

crooked creek

If you’re in the neighbourhood of Riverside Albert, maybe on the way the Fundy Park, you should stop in at the Crooked Creek Lookout. It’s such a great view that it is definitely worth the stop to create a memory.

The first time I saw this lookout was more than 30 years ago and still want to see it every time we go that way. We would usually stop for a few minutes when ever we were going to go fishing crooked creek, either before fishing or if it wasn’t dark on the way out we would stop as well.

IMG_2778Jenny and I were on the way to Fundy Park this day and couldn’t pass by without stopping in for a view, err a few.

This is the first brook I fished with my fly rod way back then. I had a part time job when I first moved here which gave me plenty of time to enjoy a few of the brooks New Brunswick has to offer us.

I haven’t been fishing there since before 2004 because of health issues that keep me from hiking long distances. Wading in water makes it even harder but I’m improving every year and hopefully I’ll be able to fly fish this great little spot again.

bench looking out a creekWe stood at the lookout for a bit and then sat on a bench looking out over the scene and had some water and a snack before continuing on the Fundy National Park at Alma.

Always glad when it’s a nice clear day so we get to see everything. This day it was just a bit hazy as it’s been hot and muggy for a few days. Still enjoyed the view.

Picked The Perfect Day For A Hike In Fundy Park New Brunswick

Jenny and I drove to Fundy Park taking route 114, the scenic route, from Moncton through Hillsborough, Hopewell Cape and Alma before entering Fundy National Park yesterday.

We also drove in to Cape Enrage, visited the beach and took some pictures. Then we continued on along the shoreline on highway 915. I love that drive and usually I can drive slower because there seldom much traffic on that road.

Barnacles on half submerge rock at low tide

The first place we headed for in Fundy Park was Wolfe Point.

Hiking Wolfe Point Trail To The Beach

wolfe point covered bridgeI think Wolfe Point was the first place we took our son when he was big enough for us to start camping. I love covered bridges and didn’t see one myself until I was 30 years old when I moved to New Brunswick.

Wolfe Point is one of my favourites and I know it has a lot to do with what’s surrounding it that makes such an impression. Now any time I see one I want to stop and take pictures for my Covered Bridge Pinterest page.

view from trail at Wolfe Point

When I look at this picture I took just yesterday at Wolfe Point it makes me think of a tropical rain forest and the colour of the water as the tide was going out was just amazing.

jenny at wolf pointWe took the trail all the way down to the beach but first we looked out over the river. The walk was structured so we would be able to see the river and the bay so it was very enjoyable. I didn’t walk fast at all because I was continually taking pictures.

Even so it was a good workout for these old legs and so enjoyable because I love looking at the detail in things like the forest with moss, lichen and old trees.

There’s Jenny in the white hat looking out over the river into the Bay of Fundy. We could look straight down into the emerald coloured water. So cool.

emerald water

IMG_3018After taking a few pictures of the cliff on the opposite side of the river. We headed up the steps and started hiking down the trail toward the beach.

Wolfe Point is not a long walk but there is always something keeping you looking so it can seem like a long hike. I saw things off to the edge of the path that need a picture so I was going slow.

jennyJenny was looking at the river all the time while I was jumping around taking pictures of everything, even her.

It was a hot day so for people are age it’s wise to walk slower because the beach is still going to be there when we get there, right.

I am not a sit on the hot sand at a beach kind of guy but I do enjoy sitting and watching the waves wash on shore on a rocky beach. So much more activity in the waves. Plus sitting stones is so much cooler.


in loving memoryBeautiful view all the way to the bottom and of course on the way back up again once your ready to head out. We even saw a picture of a dog that had enjoyed this trail so much. The owners put it there in memory of their best friend.

It was just off the path near a good view of the river which is one of my favourite views as well. Maybe Jenny will put a picture of me next to this girl.

When we got off the steps and on the beach I looked behind me and there was a brook running down the rocks. All the years that I visited this spot I never looked back there so it was my first time all over again.


the point we started walkingWe walked along the beach for a while and I took pictures of the surf, rocks, drift wood and anything else that caught my eye.

I looked up river and could see the lookout where Jenny was standing at the start of the trail. I had to zoom in otherwise it was just a dot way up in the trees.

I am already looking forward to our next visit to Fundy National Park.

Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore Surfing Moncton Update

camera readyI didn’t get to the park in time to see the surfers on the tidal bore on Monday but went back yesterday and got a few pictures and videos.

So Monday’s post about the surfers turned out to be more about taking pictures of flowers and just enjoying the day.

This morning I finished the video and uploaded it to my Home Gardening Tips Youtube channel.

surfersThere were two guys with their boards who went out to join the other surfers just before they came around the bend.

It was fun watching them with a long paddle each as they paddled towards the other surfers I couldn’t see yet.

A few Canada geese were making their way along the muddy river bank hoping to get a good view of the surfers. Always fun watching them waddle around.

canada geese petitcodiac river

A family was right behind me with a very excited young fella about 5 or 6. He was jumping up and down and getting more excited by the second. When those two guys got in the water I though the little guy was going jump right in with them.

It was long after the first two guys headed down river to join the others and now I wanted to jump up and down and scream. What!? It’s okay for a little guy to get excited but not me?

tidal bore

Here’s the video I put together from the clips I took. It’s only my second video so be kind and I hope you enjoy it.

Visited Moncton’s Tidal Bore Park Today

IMG_6411I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect day to walk to Tidal Bore Park Moncton to watch the tide roll up the Petitcodiac river.

So glad it was a comfortable morning at about 15C plus there was a slight breeze to go along with it. Sure beats the heat we’ve had over the past few weeks.

IMG_6229There was so much to see on the way that the half hour walk took me twice as long. Love old churches and Moncton certainly has its share of old stone churches. Seems like they are on every block close to downtown.

My neck was getting stiff looking up at a tall churches so I started looking down for a while and got a lot of lovely pictures of flowers that are everywhere this time of year. Even the weeds were looking good today.

A few hundred pictures later I made it to Bore Park and started walking along the river. I took so long getting there that I actually missed the tidal bore coming in. It had already past and was just turning the corner up stream when I arrived.

So I am going back tomorrow so I can see some people surfing the tidal wave as it goes up river. Tonight is the full moon so I’m thinking they planned this event on the full moon so they get the highest tide. I’ll be taking my video camera and tripod as well as the camera I had with me today. That way I can video the tide as it comes in with surfers on it and take pictures as well.

Walking Into Bore Park

mauve coloured flowersIt was a nice walk through Moncton’s downtown but it got even better once I reach the entrance to the park.

I crossed the lane of traffic going to my right and could have just continued across the other lane but the flowers in the middle were calling to me so I stopped and took this picture.

I continued on the path to the river which had flowers and trees on both sides. There were benches where people were enjoying a coffee or just enjoying the day.

Tidal Bore Park Moncton

I saw the large sign at the entrance to the part and had my camera ready to take a picture of the sign but just then my attention went to the flowers at the base of the sign which were much more exciting to me.

1 3 2

I took a dozen pictures of these flowers and completely forgot about the sign. So welcome to Bore Park Moncton. It’s so nice when flowers are in various states from almost blossoming to almost done blossoming. Makes for some fun photos.

man walking river in riverview across from Tidal Bore Park

The guy in the picture above is on the opposite side of the river enjoying a hiking trail on the Riverview side. He was quite a distance away so I’m happy for the zoom on my camera.

keysI don’t like taking pictures of people I don’t know because I would feel weird having a stranger take a picture with me but at that distance I don’t think he would mind. I do try to avoid capturing people on camera.

Glad there is so much room in the park that people seem few and far between.

I think the river has widened considerably since they opened the gates at the causeway. It just seemed a longer distance across. I am liking the new look a lot, even though I do miss fishing the Petitcodiac river like I used to do.

Tidal Bore Park

I hope to be able to have an update tomorrow with some pictures of surfers and maybe even a short video or two.

Moncton Ball Park Flags: Picture of The Day


After I returned home from my walk through Moncton and looked at the picture of flags I took at the ball park down from our house I realized it might have looked better if I was on the other side of the flag poles. But I still like it anyways. It can be tough getting a picture with the wind blowing exactly right like it was when I snapped the picture.

I don’t usually see all four flags, Canada flag, Union Jack, New Brunswick flag as well as the Acadian flag, flying together like this. I have walked past these flags hundreds of times and never seen them flying as good as today.

You Should Be Taking Holidays Meant For Singles

I have to say that the most fun times I’ve had in life usually happen when I am with like minded people, doing things together and creating memories that last a lifetime. Many times in my life I have called up those memories when friends are over or I’m at guitar jams.

When my son and his friend told us they would like to look at holidays for singles which immediately made sense to me. There were no where to call for holidays with other single people when I was single. I think it would have been the coolest thing ever.

I remember the year, way back when I was just 21 living in Canada. A friend of mine suggested we take a bus trip from Toronto to Florida where we both had friends. I hesitated at first but when I started thinking of how much fun the two of us, both single, could have in Orlando, Florida.

That was a time that is one of those best memories ever that I can always call on for a smile. My friend met the man she would later marry. Together they created the most beautiful child and it all started by two single friends taking a trip together.

The Rocks : Hopewell Cape In The Winter

I’ve never thought about going to see what The Rocks at Hopewell Cape look like in the middle of winter but my good fishing buddy Casey lives close and walks to where he can see them while walking his two dogs.

I like the way ‘The Rocks’ look in the summer but I think they look amazing with snow on them as well. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I’ve seen them with snow on them. Very cool and I will certainly be making the trip to see them for myself once we have another vehicle.

hopewell cape rocks in winter

Casey also took a few pictures of the ice along the shoreline and one shot I really like was the sun coming up over big blocks of ice along the water’s edge. It was hard to tell just how big these blocks of ice are but Casey told me some of them are as big as a small car.

sunrise over the water

I love the way he got the sunrise in the picture of the ice blocks. I think it would have been better if he had his wife standing on one of the blocks. You know for a little perspective.

Snow Bound Day In Moncton, New Brunswick

snow dayGetting a lot of snow in New Brunswick isn’t anything new but every once in a while the snow is made so much worse by the wind. When you get that light snow and 60 or 70 Km/h winds it makes visibility drop to nil instantly.

I got up at 5am this morning, like most mornings and looked outside. These are the time I wish our Pit Bull Honey was a little bity dog who could use a litter box. But she isn’t so I had to bundle up, grab a shovel and start digging out a path so she could do her business.

While I was out I only heard one snow plough and it was clearing a parking lot on Mountain road. No cars, no people, just silence, until the wind picked up again. Then it was just whistling noises.

Well Honey was glad I finally shovelled a path because she was sitting there with her legs crossed waiting for me. I only cleared a path across the driveway. She bolted out the door, right to the edge of where I shovelled where she stopped to take a quick pee and them bounded out into the snow that was over her head and did the rest of her business out there.

She didn’t take time to sniff around and play in the snow. When that wind started blowing snow over top of her she was done and back at the house in an instant.

These are the days that it’s wise to stay home unless you absolutely have to be out on the road. The wind is going to stay strong most of the day so it’s not the day to be travelling around New Brunswick.

Ice Fishing In New Brunswick Canada

CIMG0440I went a long time living in New Brunswick before I ever tried ice fishing here. Did a little in Ontario before moving out here to live in Moncton. I didn’t really know a lot of fishers here in the Maritimes and never thought much of it.

Last year and this year my friend Casey has taken me out ice fishing on Shediac Bay where we did some ice fishing for smelts. We tried matching the tides but didn’t manage to get anything but it was still a lot of fun and the scenery was great.

Today I thought I would share a little more ice fishing from New Brunswick. I haven’t had the opportunity to ice fish these locations but they are on my wish list.

Let’s start with some videos from around New Brunswick.

Pete, Chef Jesse, Dave and Craig go fishing for smelt at the "Black Door Lounge" in the fishing shack village located on the Kennebecasis River in Renforth just outside Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

When I was ice fishing in Ontario, more than 30 years ago now, I was invited to go out about 5 miles on our snow mobiles to a ice fishing community with hundreds of huts. My friend took me to the biggest hut out there. It even had four bunk beds. The ice fishing hut in this video looks like a good size and very comfortable.

Now on to some ice fishing without a hut, like Casey and I did this year as he turned his ice fishing hut into a garden shed last summer. Now we are thinking about buying portable ice fishing huts.

March Break Ice Fishing for Trout in New Brunswick

I really like seeing families fishing together and having fun. I took my son fishing for the first time when he was just a little guy which put the fishing itch in him. Now he’s grown up and moved away. This year he caught his first pike in Saskatchewan where he now lives.

These kids are having fun and the excitement level is high. After that video was done they started cooking up their New Brunswick trout. I just leave you a link to that one.

Fishing At Mactaquac Park Arm New Brunswick

mactaquac parkMonday was a holiday for us here in New Brunswick and the weather channel said the temperature was suppose to be in the mid to high teens for the afternoon. Why miss a great opportunity for weather like that so we planned a November 12 muskie fishing day at the Mactaquac Park area Fredericton. The stretch of water we were going to fish is called The Arm.

Casey planned a fishing trip to Mactaquac Park New Brunswick for our last day out muskie fishing. We dressed for November with many layers of clothing but we didn’t need them for long. At just 7am it was already 7 degrees Celsius. So every hour we stripped off a layer of clothing.

We arrived at our fishing destination, Mactaquac Park area, from Moncton, at about 7:30 and after a full all around check of Casey’s boat we launched and were on the water by 8:00.

mactaquac dam new brunswick-2We were eager to get fishing but before that Casey took a couple of minutes to stop so I could take a picture of the Mactaquac Hydroelectric dam area.

When we arrived it was heavy clouds and still not fully light yet so please forgive the poor quality image.

I took a series of pictures so that I could try to stitch them into one wide image. I took the images from out boat quite a distance from shore so everything looks kind of small. I hope this image will be clickable and load the full size image once it’s online.

mactaquac dam new brunswick

Once I had the pictures I wanted we jumped back in Casey’s truck and continued on our way. Just a few more minutes to the launch point, a safety check and we were on the water, which was like a mirror. Not a breath of wind, looking good for our day of fishing. Here’s a look at the water as we drove to the launch point.

mirror like water today

We passed the marina and saw that all the boats were gone and during our entire day we only saw one boat on the water, other than ourselves. Well they missed a gorgeous day on New Brunswick waters.

busy beaver on the mactaquac park armDuring our day of fishing we saw a few beaver busy preparing for the long cold winter that’s just around the corner.

It took me a while to find this beaver after it dove and only left a steam of bubbles behind it. I took a couple of picture but by the time I snapped the picture it was gone and I got an image full of bubbles.

Birds By The Hundreds

loonThere was also a loon that was following us around but he was making it tough to get a picture. Every time I aimed my camera at him he dove for cover.

Maybe people have been shooting at them or something because it sure was skittish. I did get a few pictures of the swirl as he dove and a few that only showed his behind as he dove.

bald eagleCasey pointed out a huge bald eagle that took off from a tree right next to us but I was busy taking a picture of the trees reflecting in the mirror like water and missed the shot. We watched where it flew to so once we got to the point I was paying closer attention.

The thing is the eagle landed in behind a group of trees and I had a hard time even getting an image at all but I managed to get one, even though it won’t win any awards.

When we backed down to the water to launch the boat I saw a group of about 100 or so ducks. I got out of the truck and tried to sneak closer to their location. I was behind the trees but I couldn’t fool the ducks. Before I could get close enough to snap a picture they were airborne and I was left with a picture of disturbed water. It was still pretty cool watching all the birds as there were huge numbers of them.

I am sure there were hundreds of Canada geese and they sure can make a lot of noise. I could see that many were this year’s babies as they didn’t have their adult feathers yet and looked kind of gangly. It didn’t stop them from flying off with their parents.

canada geese on the Mactaquac Arm

Kayaking And Canoeing Mid November

Later in the day, once it had warmed up to the mid teens we saw a guy in a kayak enjoying the water and then a couple in a canoe getting their exercise.

kayaking new brunswick mactaquac park canoeing

Gorgeous Scenery on the Mactaquac Arm

The fishing was of course great fun but the scenery was just breath taking so I spent a lot of time just snapping pictures of everything around me. Here are a few of them. I hope you enjoyed our trip to the Mactaquac Park Arm Fredericton.

Mactaquac Park Arm

small island in the Mactaquac Park Arm

sunsetting as we leave mactaquacAll too soon it was time to head back to the launch and head back to Moncton. We didn’t get any muskie but I did get a big fat chain pickerel that really made my day. It was the biggest pickerel I’ve ever caught. Not the longest but certainly the fattest.

On the drive home the sun was mostly behind us which gave me a chance to snap some sunset images through Casey’s side view mirror.