Visiting Moncton, New Brunswick Then Check Out Magnetic Hill Winery

While you are visiting Moncton you can’t leave without going to Magnetic Hill and experience the way your vehicle will roll up hill, all by itself. It’s pretty cool.

You also, especially if you’re a wine lover, have to visit the Magnetic Hill Winery in Moncton, New Brunswick. Here is a short video showing a little about the winery. Enjoy

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Travel Using the Best Credit Cards But Protect Yourself

Credit cards
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We live in New Brunswick Canada and found out the hard way that most places don’t accept cash alone. They want a credit card imprint in case we do something that cash won’t cover. Perhaps something that shows up after we are gone. Heck we couldn’t even rent a car when our car broke down because all we had was cash.

If you consider going on vacation you should definitely plan to take credit cards with you. Especially when you travel abroad. It might be wise to let your card company or bank know about the date and place you’ll be travelling. In these days identity theft is such a problem, that if your card company finds out uncommon spending patterns they may get suspicious. They might block charges on your card to protect you from fraud. You know, like a lot of charges are from Barcelona when you stay in Boston. Notifying your bank isn’t required, but it’s a good option to secure yourself and assure that you can use your card on your trip.

You should go on your vacation with only a couple of charge cards as well as your ATM card. You don’t want to have a whole wallet full of credit cards at risk, but you need to have more than one type of card. It’s also wise to try to use prepaid credit cards. If something happens and one card can’t be used, you can use another one.

The acceptance is another thing you should be familiar with. Some places only accept Visa; other vendors only take MasterCard. Take one or two of each and leave the rest at home. American Express may say “Don’t travel without it,” but there are many places that won’t take their Amex Cards. It’s good to have these card, but it’s also good to be familiar with the limits. If two of you are traveling as a couple, look at taking different credit cards. This will get you even more.

Whenever you want to rent a car, sometimes car rental companies will charge your card with a large amount at the beginning as a deposit, maxing out your credit limit. Your back up cards will make sure you always have a card you can use. It’s a good idea to charge the car on a card that comes with collision damage waiver. That can save you lots of bucks.

banks now have started charging overseas transaction fees. Visa and MasterCard have billed a 1 percentage fee for years, however nowadays several banks that issue the card also set up a 1-2 percent foreign transaction fee in addition to that. Check your card company or bank. There are some credit cards which don’t charge any fees at all. As of this writing, Capitol One Cards charge no fees, so it’s advisable to carry one of those.

Don’t let vendors in foreign countries charge that bill for you in dollars. At first glance it looks nice, but you’ll probably end up paying more. The dollar amount you’re billed may be at a bad exchange rate, a good deal worse than you’d get with your card at any ATM or currency exchange, and you’re card issuer will probably bill you a foreign transaction fee.

Most in fact, credit cards and prepaid credit cards as well are accepted in more places all over the world. But there are still a great number of little B&Bs that take only cash, some small restaurants and vendors too. Last not least in some countries that are less developed you may find you need to pay in cash. Whenever you would like to pay with your card, they will charge an extra amount of 3-5 percent to make up for the fees that they’re charged. So take those credit cards for travel, but exchange plenty of money and be prepared to pay hard currency in most of places too.

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Flower Pots: The Rocks at Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick

My wife, son and I have visited The Flower Pot Rocks at Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick many times over the years and still get the same awesome feeling looking at them and walking around their base. Unfortunately I have never been steady with a video camera so I never took videos. But we did get some pictures I would love to share and I have retrieved a Youtube video of Hopewell Cape Flower Pot Rocks I am sure you will enjoy.

The Rocks at Hopewell Cape, New BrunswickThe Rocks, Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick

But first, a few details about the area.

Hopewell Cape is about a half hour or so from Moncton, New Brunswick along route 114, which follows the Petitcodiac River so you get some nice scenery along the way. As you move along the river it gets wider as you go and can look very different depending on the time of day, well the time of the rising and falling tide.

Travel Tip: Use A Dummy Wallet To Protect Your Money

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It doesn’t really matter where you travel in the world safety is always an issue these days. Muggings can happen in the most unlikely places, so it’s always best to be prepared and to set your mind at ease.

Travelling is supposed to be a fun thing to do, however most vacationers usually come home bringing not only completely satisfied recollections but horror tales about their trips. Travel wallet theft and mugging incidents are normally widespread conditions that travellers find themselves in.

Vacationers are all the time suggested to convey all your vital gadgets akin to money, bank cards, passports and identification with them instead of leaving them in the hotel, and most of them usually put this stuff inside a wallet or a purse. Thus, having a wallet stolen on trip can be a full nightmare.

Things can be easier if the travel wallet was merely picked out of the bag or pocket. However imagine the horror of being on the receiving end of a long sharp knife, and having to hand your costly leather wallet containing all of your money and credit cards. As scary and as disheartening as these conditions may be, the potential of these situations do not have to spoil your vacation.

Tip 1: Use A Cash Belt

Because of this, most people rely on a money belt, which might be hidden beneath the clothes. Whereas most consumers may think this is the safest route, it is nonetheless not the best pick. Coming nose to nose with a mugger leaves you with limited choices – either run for your life, give the person what he needs or battle back. This can be an easy thing if you come head to head with an unarmed mugger, but being held at gunpoint or knife point nonetheless implies that you would still have to present your cash belt. With that, using a cash belt alone still has a sure likelihood of you losing your money and credit cards in addition to other vital items.

Tip 2: Carry A Faux Wallet Along

The secret is to buy not less than two low-cost however presentable looking mens wallet . There are plenty of affordable leather-based wallets that look costly when new. Fill these leather wallets with low denomination notes within the native foreign money as well as some receipts and items of paper. One also can put some low denomination notes of your country’s currency. Then, you can put in some plastic cards that look like bank cards equivalent to enterprise cards and pocket cards.

Some muggers can tell a pretend or dummy wallet by its contents. To stop horrible conditions from arising, you can take some old bank cards like credit or debit cards that you don’t use anymore and place them inside the wallet. This makes your fake wallet extra  “believable.” Guarantee that these debit or bank cards are expired or are ones that you no longer use or need.

Then, maintain your cards or money inside a cash belt. Then, if you happen to get mugged, you don’t have to fret about giving away your faux wallet. Your passport and other items can be stored safe inside your cash belt, and then you stroll away with no problems.

Getting mugged or stolen from while touring does not likely occur to anybody, but there is a chance that it could occur to you. When it does, make sure that you are prepared when the incident happens.

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Visit Magnetic Hill Moncton, New Brunswick

I am not just someone who lives in New Brunswick, Canada, I am someone who moved here after visiting the Maritime province just twice. One time I came down by train in the winter and the scenery was breath taking to say the least. I saw so many scenes that reminded me of picture postcards when I was a kid. I couldn’t take my eyes from looking out the winter until my neck was cramped.

I live in Moncton New Brunswick so I can’t go on without telling you about a cool spot one has to visit and that’s Magnetic Hill.

Magnetic Hill at Moncton, New Brunswick

Here’s a fun little video to show you what to expect at Magnetic Hill Moncton.

Magnet Hill Moncton, New Brunswick

Is that cool? Even though it’s a trick of the environmental surroundings or an optical illusion it’s still was a lot of fun.

We had all kinds of things going up or down, whatever it was well worth stopping to experience.

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