Fall Escapes To PEI – The Gentle Island

Prince Edward Island Canada

snowballs in AutumnAutumn is my favourite time to site see and for travelling. The transition between fall and winter is full of colours you don’t see any other time of the year.

Take the opportunity to travel to PEI and see the real beauty of the Island, it will take your breath away.

Travelling to PEI in the fall is perfect. It’s not scorching hot, even though it can get a little nippy in the late evenings and at night but I do most of my travelling in the day time when I can see the scenery anyways.

Now that there is no ferry from New Brunswick to PEI there is no waiting, just take the 14 km trip over the Confederation Bridge and you’re there in about 15 minutes.

If you still want to take a ferry ride you can head to Nova Scotia.

It’s a little late for the Fall Flavours Festival this year but keep it in mind for next year. One of my favour chefs, Micheal Smith, hosted the festival this year.

Hit The Autumn Trails

It’s fun walking or biking the many trails PEI has, at any time, but my preference is once the fall colours are showing. It’s just starting now and will only go on for the next few weeks. Then the winds that come with the late Autumn strip the trees clean of their beautiful coloured leaves.

Prince Edward Island Marathon
(October 15-17)

From the North Shore to Charlottetown

Check it out at: http://princeedwardislandmarathon.com

This is a great time for the entire family as it’s broken down into categories and is a Boston Marathon Qualifier.

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Essential Camping And Hiking Equipment

Two campers with gear hiking through Bear Moun...
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Selecting the proper or essential camping and hiking equipment is critical to the safety and enjoyment of any camping or hiking trip. It is especially important for new campers and hikers since they are already unfamiliar with the past time. For beginners, it is a wonderful idea to try out camping and hiking clobber that buddies and family own first in order that they can experiment and see what they like best. There also are out of doors rental corporations which will lease camping and hiking apparatus so that different brands and sorts of apparatus can be explored at a minimum cost.

A camping or hiking backpack is one necessary piece of clobber to be bought. A backpacker should look for a pack according to the type of trip that will be taken. Many experienced backpackers have multiple packs so they can select according to the length of the trip and gear to be carried. For day hikes, smaller packs are needed with less of a requirement for pockets or straps. For longer excursions with camping involved, especially in colder climates, larger packs are required with many different pockets, both outside and inside the pack, and places to strap apparatus to the outside. Backpacks should fit nicely to a person’s body, resting forcibly on the hips with the shoulder straps fitting comfortably and hooking in front of the chest with bigger packs. That way the weight of the pack rests on the hips instead of the back which is safer for the backpacker.

Another piece of hiking and camping equipment is the sleeping bag. These can be cumbersome and hard to pack if the right ones are not chosen. Most sleeping bags will have a larger storage bag for when it is not in use so that the fibers inside of it do not get compacted, and also have a smaller camping bag that the sleeping bag fits nicely into for compact packing on trips. Hiking and camping equipment for sleeping also requires a sleeping pad which not only increases comfort for the camper, but also keeps them hotter, providing a layer of insulation from the cold ground.

Hiking and camping equipment also requires the tent be made for the climate and the number of people going on the trip, as well as being lightweight and compact. Most campers choose two man tents for additional versatility without much added weight. The tent fly should reach all the way to the ground, rather than about six inches from the ground as is found in cheaper versions. If it is not all the way to the ground, water can get in when there is any sort of wind, as well as allowing wind to blow up into the tent. A tarp is also needed as ground cover under the tent to prevent seepage into the tent despite waterproofing.

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Maritime Travel – I Now Enjoy The Ride To PEI – Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island, 2009
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I love Prince Edward Island or as most people say ‘PEI’ but never really enjoyed the wait or the trip on the ferry across the Northumberland Strait as I have always suffered motion and sea sickness, which tends to take the fun out of a lot of things. However, since the 12.9 km, $840,000 Confederation bridge from New Brunswick’s mainland to the island was constructed back in the mid 90s I have enjoy it much more. By 1997 there was no more waiting for my head to clear after the ferry ride, just fun enjoying scenic beauty that’s PEI.

The trip to PEI went from more than an hour plus what ever the wait time was if you arrived too early to just about 15 minutes. So a trip to PEI, across and back would take more than 2 hours out of your day but now it’s so much quicker.

However, if you wish to take a ferry ride to PEI you can still do so from Caribou, Nova Scotia. More info on that ferry here.

Here are a few relevant links to great info on the Confederation bridge:

Discovery Channel Coverage: Here is a link to the Discovery Channel’s Confederation bridge from New Brunswick to PEI video segment.

Confederation Bridge Web Cam: You can also watch a web cam of the Confederation bridge which gives you a nice view of the bridge and surrounding water, and a direct link to the Confederation bridge web site.

Wikipedia on the Confederation Bridge: We all know how informative Wikipedia is so check out what they have on the Confederation Bridge.

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Explore St. Martins New Brunswick

St Martins Lighthouse
Image by cmh2315fl via Flickr

St. Martins is actually the first place I tried Atlantic salmon fishing. That was more than 30 years ago and even though we can’t fish there any more the joy of fly fishing was planted deep in my soul.

The Foot Bridge (Suspension Bridge) at Salmon River.

I have walked, ran and jumped my way across the Salmon River Footbridge many times. It’s a pretty cool way to get across the river. Back when I was still Salmon fishing there I would stop half way across to watch the Atlantic salmon in the river. No stretching the truth here, we could she hundreds of salmon milling around in the crystal clear water. Some looked so big I am sure I could have put a saddle on them and had my son riding them. Now that would be cool to come flying out of the water like an Atlantic salmon does. No matter how many times I crossed that foot bridge I had to stop and check out the salmon.

We don’t see salmon in the numbers we used to but I still have other places to fish salmon. Still I do hope that some day the numbers could return to what they once were. Anyways, back on to happier things.

Here is a video for the Tourism New Brunswick Youtube Channel. Enjoy.

I have never been kayaking before but I think it looks like a great way to view the shoreline to see all flowerpot rocks and caves. The tides go in and out twice a day and rise and fall about 30 feet, spectacular to watch and I love walking on the ocean floor once the tide goes out. You just never know what you are going to find.

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The Bay of Fundy – Hopewell Rocks – New Brunswick Canada

Hopewell Rocks #1
Image by palestrina55 via Flickr

Discover the power of Mother Nature. As many times as we have been at the Hopewell Rocks it never ceases to amaze me. It just goes to show you how powerful the tides of Fundy Bay New Brunswick can be, but you really have to see it for yourself. Videos can show you there awesome size but nothing will prepare you for seeing the flowerpot rocks in person.

Ever since I moved to New Brunswick back in 1979 I like to watch from the cliffs looking down to the ocean floor. Depending on the time of day I watch the tide coming in, very fast I might add, or I watch them receding. When the tide is out I like to watch visitors as they look like ants crawling around on the ocean floor.

Personally I like to keep track of the Fundy bay tides so that I can be the first one down. It gives me the opportunity to hunt for lost treasure. Well okay I have never found treasure as such but I enjoy picking up unique rocks and shells for my collection.

I have heard that 100 billion tons of water comes in with the tide and that’s amazing without the beauty of the flowerpot rocks.

You can’t come to New Brunswick without visiting the Hopewell Rocks on Fundy Bay, it’s just a short trip from Moncton, just about a 40 minute drive. By the way it’s on your way to Fundy Park.

Travel Tip: Rather than be disappointed because the tide is in take the time to check the tide times so that you get there at the best possible time. I would advise that you get there before the tide goes out so you can see just how high the tides get and then watch it as it goes out. It’s amazing to see the ocean floor appear right before your eyes.

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New Brunswick – Family Vacations

Fundy National Park, Matthews Head
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New Brunswick has all kinds of special activities, events, and festivals for families. Yet New Brunswick with its natural wonders, such as the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Rapids, is special on its own. With the province’s numerous beaches, New Brunswick is a summer paradise – perfect for reading a book by the ocean, taking a walk along the sand, or going for a refreshing swim.

Katy’s Cove in St. Andrews is a popular saltwater swimming spot. Freshwater beaches include Saint John’s Dominion Park and Lakewood Reservoir, George’s Canal Beach, and Moncton’s Kiwanis Centennial Beach. Visitors can have a picnic or camp along the seashore.

Canoing trips in Fundy National Park are the perfect way to enjoy a summer afternoon. If the family prefers to relax on land, building a sandcastle on a beautiful New Brunswick beach will be a memorable outing. Children love the discovery beaches – perfect for beachcombing. Cape Enrage has two discovery beaches. The New River Beach Provincial Park has tidal pools where starfish like to drop by for a visit.

New Brunswick has three provincial, one national, and one international park. Fundy National Park of Canada is one of the favorite destinations in the Maritimes. Everyone deserves to enjoy the “Best of Fundy.” New Brunswick is very accessible to visitors. The province even shares a border with Maine but New Brunswick is a unique tourist destination.

In fact, just driving along the road in New Brunswick is a treat for the whole family. Besides the amazing scenery, the kids will love the roadside attractions such as the largest Semi-Palmated Sandpiper Sculpture – a detailed replica located in Dorchester. Explore the province’s picturesque towns, charming villages, and vibrant cities.

As well, New Brunswick has festivals that appeal to every member of the family. Kids love the Chocolate Fest in St. Stephen (home to Ganong Chocolate). Moms and Dads like the Atlantic Seafood Festival in Moncton.

Family can enjoy hiking, cycling, or horseback riding amidst the stunning emerald green landscape. The lush spaces and lovely lakes create amazing vistas. The scenery alone is a treat but hikers can also see the province’s wildlife (deer, moose, birds) in their own habitat. Bird watching and whale watching let visitors get ‘up close and personal’ with the wonders of the natural world.

Fishing on the Miramichi is another unforgettable outing that will get you back in touch with nature. Anglers can choose from the province’s 2500 lakes. Nothing beats an afternoon of trout fishing with the family followed by roasting the day’s catch over the campfire.

Of course, fresh seafood is popular fare in New Brunswick restaurants. Yet diners can also select delicious meals with French and international influences. Family specials and kid-friendly menus always make dining an affordable and tasty experience. At the end of fun-filled days, families can return to New Brunswick cottages and hotels for restful nights in one of the four beautiful Atlantic Provinces. Enjoy a true Maritime vacation.

Travel is a passion for Richard and he had the good fortune to visit over 30 countries – working and living around the globe. This broad experience, coupled with his business adventures as an entrepreneur, gives him a unique perspective on travel destinations. Richard writes about his favorite spots and hopes that you will follow him on his adventures.

New Brunswick – Family Vacations

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Richard_Verkley

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Useful Info And Comparison Shopping Trends To Prince Edward Island, Canada

North Lake harbour in eastern Prince Edward Is...
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Generally known as “Garden of the Gulf”, Prince Edward Island is an island of the identical name plus a group of other islands that form a Canadian state. This maritime land is the smallest in the nation in both land area and population Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence west of Cape Breton Island, north of the Nova Scotia peninsula, and east of New Brunswick.

Below you will discover   a list of things you can do   and attractions, as well as travel statistics on comparison shopping, vacation planning and themes, and some lodging alternatives.

This wonderfully green island lures people with miles of sandy beaches, red sandstone cliffs and championship golf courses. It is also home to a lot of annual festivals and events that draw travellers to the island regardless of the season. Read on to find out about exciting things to do on Prince Edward Island.

Established in 1964 as Canada’s National Memorial to the Fathers of Confederation, the Confederation Centre showcases outstanding Canadian talent in the performing and visual arts on its stages and in its galleries. It is home of the Charlottetown Festival/Festival de Charlottetown.

The island’s landscaping is pastoral. Rolling hills, woods, reddish white sand beaches, ocean coves and the famous red soil have given Prince Edward Island a reputation as a province of outstanding natural beauty. The island’s lush landscape has a strong bearing on its economy and culture. Author Lucy Maud Montgomery drew inspiration from the land during the late Victorian Era for the setting of her classic novel Anne of Green Gables.

One of the best ways for travellers to explore the island is by visiting Prince Edward Island National Park. It is home to sand dunes, barrier islands and numerous beaches providing travellers with unlimited recreational opportunities. Wildlife viewing, hiking and water activities as well as camping are some of the park’s most popular activities.

If you loved Anne of Green Gables as a child, come to Prince Edward Island and discover the birthplace of this world-famous book. Drive to Cavendish and stop by Green Gables in Prince Edward National Park. You will find preserved gabled house, grounds with the Haunted Woods, Lovers Lane. There is also a gift shop and a snack bar waiting for Anne fans.

Sixty percent of the vacation planners showed interest in comparison shopping among PEI vacation rentals, inns, motels, and hotels.  62 percent were also interested in receiving offers from vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, and other lodging in Prince Edward Island such as Belfast and Charlottetown.

Fifty-three percent of the inquirers were from early planners who began their vacation planning 2 or more months in advance from the travel date, 15 percent of the enquiries were sent 1 to 2 months in advance, and 32 percent were from last minute travellers inquiring within the last 30 days prior to the arrival date.

With the current state of the economy, comparison shopping plays an important role  in consumer’s decisions.

As an example, beneath there are 2 excellent deals to evaluate:

Canada PEI Vacation Cottage: Lyons Cottages is a group of 12 family-oriented, pet-friendly 1, 2 & 3 bedroom housekeeping cottages, on a beautiful 2.5 acre site. Walking distance to sandy ocean beach. Located in Stanhope, in the heart of Prince Edward Island National Park, Lyons Cottages is perfect for your next vacation holiday. All our cottages are decorated as little homes, not one is the same. Our heritage Prince Edward Island Cottages are like a little Island village, not a mass-produced Prince Edward Island Resort. For more info, pictures and a useful form to deal with the owner directly, please log into property ID#172194 at rentalo.com.

PEI Canada Vacation Rental: La Bella Vita. This professionally decorated Executive Water Front Cottage, is situated on a 3.3 acre lot. Experience pure bliss! …This P.E.I. Vacation Rental Cottage is waiting for you! …This escape to Prince Edward Island will certainly relax and put peace and serenity into your much needed vacation. Come on down and experience it for yourself. The only problem you’re going to have is not wanting to leave. This amazing Cottage will provide a private and serene getaway you will remember for life. For more info, pictures and a useful form to deal with the owner directly, please log into property ID#291976 at rentalo.com.

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Shediac Bay Cruises – New Brunswick, Canada

The world's largest lobster sculpture located ...
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When I first moved to New Brunswick I moved to Moncton to be close to family and love it. It wasn’t long before my family took me to Shediac for some fishing and a feed of lobster. That was my first time eating lobster and I was already in my early 20s, so it was quite an experience.

The scenery in and around Shediac is spectacular. However you haven’t completed a visit to Shediac without taking a cruise.

I found this great little video on Youtube and thought you might like it so please enjoy.

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Quality Accommodation When Vacationing At Prince Edward Island

192 - PEI Info
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Prince Edward Island has the largest variety of semblance and dimensions in culture and heritage. Side by side, this region is widely acknowledged among avid golfers for integrity and quality . For its heritage and name , it features as the top most holidaying destinations close to North America. This is also the reason why there are a huge number of quality accommodations for the holidayers . The ratings are nationally accepted and standard is acceptable to the budget for different tourists .

Types of accommodations:

Resorts: PEI vacation is effortlessly enjoyable with reasonably priced accommodations as well. Some of the resorts here at the PEI have their own recreational activities, as well as on-site private bath and dining with other amenities and facilities .

Bed & Breakfast:  The guests accommodate to Bed & Breakfast, which are private accommodations. They have their own personal bathroom and living areas. It is available in tourist homes and it also is inexpensive   than that of resorts. The areas are quite better and larger than Inns.

Inn: You can accommodate both for breakfast as well as for evening meals within premises of Inns. Private baths are an integral part of each of the units. Besides, the Inn staff provides the guests with tour packages available for vacationing within the island.

Hotels and Motels: Besides quality resorts, Motels and Hotels , both have quality facilities to be rated at 5 stars as well as 4 star levels. It is available within an inexpensive costs. Some of the accommodations are within easy reach to the golf grounds and the airport .

Campgrounds, in general have quality recreation for the guests. It includes security, restrooms, laundry and different recreational activities. PEI golf courses are common recreations. You can even examine the PEI vacation tours arranged by the authorities .

Check out each accommodations and PEI tourism get away packages. One of those is arranged from different tourists for they can have quality experiences at great value.

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The Food For Camping Supermarket List

Camp Fire`
Image by darcie.brandt via Flickr

Going camping can be extremely fun. It’s a time in the outdoors. It’s a time to connect with nature. It’s a time to get the whole family away from the television and the telephone. It’s a time to have some fun the old fashioned ways. The best part about it is learning to create meals without the tools in the kitchen that you are so accustomed to having. However with camping food, you also don’t have access to a grocery store, so you have to do all your grocery shopping a head of time. So what is on the you need to get list when you do your shopping?

The first thing that everyone needs to add to their camping grocery list for camp food is the three things everyone needs in order to make s’mores. Everyone loves this delicious treat. All you need then are marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars.

It’s also nice in having the pokers that you can place things like hotdogs and marshmallows on to roast are beneficial as well. Make sure that they extend so that you aren’t burning yourself. This will make it that you don’t have to lean into the fire either.

Of course you can do grilled corn on the cob. Again, wrap it in foil paper and you can have the best corn on the cob for camping food. Add a few ingredients. You’ll love it. It is so sweet and juicy and all you need is a campfire and then some foil and something for you to hold it over the fire. Not bad eh?

You need to think about storage too. You might have some leftovers and what about the foods you bring? There are some that need to stay cold. It is recommended to bring ice packs for those. As we said before you can work about different dilemmas.

Last, but not least, you need to bring pots and pans. Now, you can’t put this over the campfire, but they do have portable stoves that you can get. This will allow you to boil water easily and more. So if you are looking to improve your camping experience and have great camping food this is how.

So, these are the most basic camping foods one can expect to have at a camp out. They are easy foods. Camping food has to be simple because camping can be so challenging at times. So, when you need some ideas here’s a place to start. Take a look at these.

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