You’re Never Sure What You’ll See in New Brunswick Canada

lama-headI have lived and fished in New Brunswick for a little over 30 years now and have to say I’ve never seen a Lama walking along the river bank of the Saint John river.

I have seen whitetail deer, moose, even lots of cows along the river but never a Lama. It was so cool to see.

Friend Jamie and I were on the Saint John river in his canoe, for some smallmouth bass fishing.

There are a number of islands in the Saint John river at Jemseg where people put their cattle to graze for the summer. This is where we saw the lama.

Heck we’ve even seen a flock of turkeys on our way to Chipman for a day of chain pickerel fishing and thought that was pretty cool but not quite a cool as seeing a lama during our day of fishing.

When I got back home Saturday evening I asked my wife and son to guess what animal I saw while fishing.

Steve, my son, didn’t take much time to think blurted out cows, deer, moose before I stopped him and told him we see those all the time here in New Brunswick.

Next he asked if it was an alligator. Oh man that would certain change the way I jump in the river to swim when it’s too hot but it wasn’t a gator, thank goodness.

Then right out of the blue Jenny says she knows what animal it was. I didn’t expect her to get it so quickly but she’s a smart girl.

“Was it a lama?”

Then I showed them the picture below, which by the way took a long time to get as the lama was watching us and every time I raised my arms to take a picture it ducked. Maybe thought I was going to shot him or something.


So I kept my camera at the read while Jamie used the paddle to bring us in closer and moved so there wasn’t as much vegetation between the lama and my camera.

I have seen a lot of wild life here in New Brunswick and is partly why I moved here 30 years ago but to-date I had never seen anything quite so exotic as a Lama.


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