Well, It’s Winter in New Brunswick Canada, Kind Of

christmas day in moncton new brunswickWe had the strangest spring and summer in New Brunswick in 2011. It just never stopped raining from April all the way through August. Well okay maybe it didn’t rain continually but it was every other day.

Fall 2011 in New Brunswick was awesome and seem to continue all the way to Christmas this year. We had one little dusting of snow and then it was gone.

We had some more snow a couple of days ago but it wasn’t enough to cover the ground as we have lots of bare spots. What’s up with that. I like to be able to hide outside and nail Steve or Jenny on their way to work.

Well now that I have complained about the lack of real winter conditions we are likely to get dumped on, so when you’re out there on your sleds and snow mobiles remember to thank me. However if you happen to get stuck in the snow, well that’s part of living in New Brunswick. Smile

So happy New Brunswick winter.

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