Walked To Hall’s Creek Trail in Moncton

halls creek trail signSpring fever has me wandering all over the Moncton area with my camera in hand to see all the life come back after our long icy cold winter. The warmer it gets the further I am walking.

Yesterday, May 22nd, I walked to a location I could see water and was curious to see if I could find some waterfowl. I first saw this location from about 2 kilometers away using my zoom lens.

I saw a few ducks swimming around the little cove as well as two Canada geese. Didn’t see any babies so I guess they are just getting their families started for this spring.

When I came out of the spot I had seen at a distance a few weeks ago I decided to walk a little further up the road to see around the next bend where I had seen a bigger pond or cove.

Started walking to the bigger pond but saw the entrance to Hall’s Creek Trails and had to check it out. Perhaps the fact it was an opportunity to get out of the direct sunlight for a while may have been a factor.

So glad I found this spot and will return again soon.

Here are a few photos I took while walking this trail starting with this moss covered tree stump. A closer look and you might just see a green eyed monster hiding in there.

Saw a couple of mallard ducks on the creek but there were too many small trees and branches blocking them from a good photo so I let them be.

This is a great trail to see how Mother Nature recycles things in the forest and by that I mean things growing there and not trash some people leave behind.

baldheadedeagleinflightI walked down to the brook to checkout the water and culvert. From the brook I could see into the open area across the brook. I looked up and saw this tiny bald-headed eagle although it’s far from tiny, it was just really far away.

I snapped a few photos while it was making a landing on an old pine tree. I walked a little further along the trail where I found a lookout where I could see that the tree actually was the nesting area for this eagle.

Not the greatest photo I know but it was a beautiful scene watching it come in for a landing. The photo below shows him/her circling first.

the eagle is landing

eagle nest in pine treeI couldn’t see a nest at this time but once I walked a little further along the trail and got to the lookout I could see the nest.

I will have to get a little closer without disturbing them and maybe from a higher point of view. I’d love to see both parents and a couple of baby eagles.

But that adventure will have to be another day as I was already getting to the point of exhaustion plus I had only brought two cookies and a bottle of water so I was getting quick hungry.

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