Visited Moncton’s Tidal Bore Park Today

IMG_6411I don’t think I could have picked a more perfect day to walk to Tidal Bore Park Moncton to watch the tide roll up the Petitcodiac river.

So glad it was a comfortable morning at about 15C plus there was a slight breeze to go along with it. Sure beats the heat we’ve had over the past few weeks.

IMG_6229There was so much to see on the way that the half hour walk took me twice as long. Love old churches and Moncton certainly has its share of old stone churches. Seems like they are on every block close to downtown.

My neck was getting stiff looking up at a tall churches so I started looking down for a while and got a lot of lovely pictures of flowers that are everywhere this time of year. Even the weeds were looking good today.

A few hundred pictures later I made it to Bore Park and started walking along the river. I took so long getting there that I actually missed the tidal bore coming in. It had already past and was just turning the corner up stream when I arrived.

So I am going back tomorrow so I can see some people surfing the tidal wave as it goes up river. Tonight is the full moon so I’m thinking they planned this event on the full moon so they get the highest tide. I’ll be taking my video camera and tripod as well as the camera I had with me today. That way I can video the tide as it comes in with surfers on it and take pictures as well.

Walking Into Bore Park

mauve coloured flowersIt was a nice walk through Moncton’s downtown but it got even better once I reach the entrance to the park.

I crossed the lane of traffic going to my right and could have just continued across the other lane but the flowers in the middle were calling to me so I stopped and took this picture.

I continued on the path to the river which had flowers and trees on both sides. There were benches where people were enjoying a coffee or just enjoying the day.

Tidal Bore Park Moncton

I saw the large sign at the entrance to the part and had my camera ready to take a picture of the sign but just then my attention went to the flowers at the base of the sign which were much more exciting to me.

1 3 2

I took a dozen pictures of these flowers and completely forgot about the sign. So welcome to Bore Park Moncton. It’s so nice when flowers are in various states from almost blossoming to almost done blossoming. Makes for some fun photos.

man walking river in riverview across from Tidal Bore Park

The guy in the picture above is on the opposite side of the river enjoying a hiking trail on the Riverview side. He was quite a distance away so I’m happy for the zoom on my camera.

keysI don’t like taking pictures of people I don’t know because I would feel weird having a stranger take a picture with me but at that distance I don’t think he would mind. I do try to avoid capturing people on camera.

Glad there is so much room in the park that people seem few and far between.

I think the river has widened considerably since they opened the gates at the causeway. It just seemed a longer distance across. I am liking the new look a lot, even though I do miss fishing the Petitcodiac river like I used to do.

Tidal Bore Park

I hope to be able to have an update tomorrow with some pictures of surfers and maybe even a short video or two.


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