Visited Kent Hills Wind Farm In The Fog

wind turbine in the fogJenny and I headed out to visit Kent Hills Wind Farm on our last day with the car so it was either go or miss it, even though it looked like it was going to be a rainy day like the forecast said.

First, don’t trust Google Maps to get you there because they are wrong and you end up looking at a ATV trail that’s just not meant for cars. We had to turn back and ask a local for directions. We were miles away from them but with a little direction we were there in no time at all.

When we reached the top of the hill where the sign was for Kent Hills Wind Facility we stopped and got out of the car. I looked back down the road we just came up and looked around to see if we could see any wind turbines.

We saw nothing, remember that…

We got back in the car and continued up the road we had turned onto. When we reached the top of that hill we pulled around a turn and stopped to figure out which direction we should be going.

That’s when Jenny looked out the passenger’s side window and saw the huge blade come out of the fog. What a unique experience and quite scary. It was accompanied by the most intimidating Whooosh sound.

IMG_3398Every few minutes the wind would pick up and the fog would move. Just as this happened we saw another huge turbine just up the road in front of us. This time we could see multiple blades.

I asked Jenny to walk up the road a little so I could get a shot with her and the turbine. The wind had her hair standing up straight so it looked like she was scared half to death. The wind and that sound in the fog made me very nervous.

I was still enjoying my self, a lot.

I have seen documentaries on the wind turbine and lots of pictures but until you are standing next to one you have no idea. So impressive and massive that I’m still amazed today.

I don’t know how many turbines there are because of the fog but we saw more than a dozen in the short distance we drove into the farm.

Remember I asked you to remember the view from when we arrived and the fact we saw no turbines, well on the way out there were four turbines on the hill that we didn’t see on the way in.


There are four turbine in this view but I had to go back quite a ways to get them in the picture. They were much closer than they look but they were only visible for a couple of minutes before the fog covered them up again.

Here are a few of the pictures I took while we were there. I started with the first picture I took when we arrived and it’s the same view as the picture above. Once the fog lift, on our way home we saw the four turbines on that hill.

looking back
Couldn’t see anything when we looked the first time.

It would have been nice to have a clear day and see all the turbines from miles away but I have to say it was a most unique experience to see them come into view out of the fog as we drove up the road. Almost mystical actually.

In the next picture the turbine looked like it was right in the road as we came up the hill and it came out of the fog.

turbine in road

IMG_3431The thing is these wind turbines are so big that you can’t just walk up to them and take their picture because you would only be a view like this. So we had to be at quite a distance away to get a full view like this one.


Close Up On The Ridge We Were We  Saw Nothing But Fog

We will definitely return, plus we know the way to get there now, on a day that’s not so foggy. I wonder if it will seem as mystical then?

We had the car for two days and chose to go to Fundy National Park the first day because we would be hiking and the weather forecast was for a clear day with the second day having possible thunderstorms. We hiked the Wolfe Point trail and had the perfect experience so it was worth seeing the wind turbines in the fog.


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