Top 10 New Brunswick Attractions

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New Brunswick, a beautiful province in eastern Canada, is a popular holiday destination. Its natural beauty and unique attractions make it a favorite with vacationers.

Visitors can even walk on the ocean floor in this intriguing Atlantic Province. Discover the top ten attractions in charming New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Attractions

1. Bay of Fundy

It is almost impossible to find a list of New Brunswick attractions without seeing the Bay of Fundy in first place. This natural wonder deserves its top spot. With the world’s highest tides, the Bay of Fundy is a natural marvel.

2. Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks are part of the appeal of the Bay of Fundy Coast. Known as the Flowerpot Rocks or Hopewell Rocks, these magnificent rock formations were created from erosion. The Hopewell Rocks are synonymous with New Brunswick.

3. Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park includes the best of everything about this eastern coast. Indeed, Fundy National Park has proven to be a favorite with tourists. People flock to this Fundy Coast attraction.

4. New Brunswick Beaches

This Atlantic Province is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches. They offer astounding beauty and amazing diversity. From sandy stretches to rugged coastlines, there is a beach to suit everyone in this holiday paradise.

5. New Brunswick Lighthouses

Historic lighthouses capture the magic and mystery of the Atlantic Provinces like nothing else. New Brunswick lighthouses always delight visitors. The lighthouse at Miscou Island can trace its roots back to the sixteenth century. This historic spot served as a fishing base for Basque whalers.

6. Cape Enrage

Cape Enrage is a spectacular sight – pure, natural beauty at its best. Cape Enrage has two discovery beaches. With supervision, kids can spend a safe and enjoyable afternoon on a discovery beach.

7. Hartland Covered Bridge

The Hartland Covered Bridge provides the perfect opportunity to take a photo that seems to belong in an earlier era. Yet this bridge continues to draw crowds and enthrall visitors. As the world’s longest covered bridge, the Hartland Bridge possesses an air of history and romance.

8. Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Metepenagiag Heritage Park is located in Red Bank. It celebrates the culture and traditions of the Mi’kmaq people – one of the first groups to live in New Brunswick

9. Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site of Canada

Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site of Canada focuses on New Brunswick’s past in the wooden-shipbuilding industry. This interesting location is an undisturbed archaeological site.

10. Owens Art Gallery

Art lovers will appreciate this New Brunswick attraction. The Owen Art Gallery is the oldest art gallery in Canada. Visitors can find the ultimate collection of historical art as well as modern pieces.

Actually, a ‘top ten’ list does not even cover a small portion of New Brunswick attractions. Visitors can find everything from a Chocolate Museum to the Maritime Provinces’ only buffalo ranch. The people of the province are a major reason for the popularity of New Brunswick. Visitors are welcomed to the province by friendly people with a deep attachment to their province. Tourists will always find a ‘home away from home’ in New Brunswick cottages and hotels.

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