The Rocks : Hopewell Cape In The Winter

I’ve never thought about going to see what The Rocks at Hopewell Cape look like in the middle of winter but my good fishing buddy Casey lives close and walks to where he can see them while walking his two dogs.

I like the way ‘The Rocks’ look in the summer but I think they look amazing with snow on them as well. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time I’ve seen them with snow on them. Very cool and I will certainly be making the trip to see them for myself once we have another vehicle.

hopewell cape rocks in winter

Casey also took a few pictures of the ice along the shoreline and one shot I really like was the sun coming up over big blocks of ice along the water’s edge. It was hard to tell just how big these blocks of ice are but Casey told me some of them are as big as a small car.

sunrise over the water

I love the way he got the sunrise in the picture of the ice blocks. I think it would have been better if he had his wife standing on one of the blocks. You know for a little perspective.

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