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Going camping can be extremely fun. It’s a time in the outdoors. It’s a time to connect with nature. It’s a time to get the whole family away from the television and the telephone. It’s a time to have some fun the old fashioned ways. The best part about it is learning to create meals without the tools in the kitchen that you are so accustomed to having. However with camping food, you also don’t have access to a grocery store, so you have to do all your grocery shopping a head of time. So what is on the you need to get list when you do your shopping?

The first thing that everyone needs to add to their camping grocery list for camp food is the three things everyone needs in order to make s’mores. Everyone loves this delicious treat. All you need then are marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars.

It’s also nice in having the pokers that you can place things like hotdogs and marshmallows on to roast are beneficial as well. Make sure that they extend so that you aren’t burning yourself. This will make it that you don’t have to lean into the fire either.

Of course you can do grilled corn on the cob. Again, wrap it in foil paper and you can have the best corn on the cob for camping food. Add a few ingredients. You’ll love it. It is so sweet and juicy and all you need is a campfire and then some foil and something for you to hold it over the fire. Not bad eh?

You need to think about storage too. You might have some leftovers and what about the foods you bring? There are some that need to stay cold. It is recommended to bring ice packs for those. As we said before you can work about different dilemmas.

Last, but not least, you need to bring pots and pans. Now, you can’t put this over the campfire, but they do have portable stoves that you can get. This will allow you to boil water easily and more. So if you are looking to improve your camping experience and have great camping food this is how.

So, these are the most basic camping foods one can expect to have at a camp out. They are easy foods. Camping food has to be simple because camping can be so challenging at times. So, when you need some ideas here’s a place to start. Take a look at these.

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