Sugarloaf Mountain Fun Campbellton, New Brunswick

jenny (2)Jenny, my wife, is from Campbellton, New Brunswick and had Sugarloaf Mountain right in her backyard. It was an awesome view from the kitchen window while eating.

I grew up on a farm in central Ontario with a big hill on either side of use making it tough to see anything.

We have both climbed it a few time, together and would like to get back there and climb it at least one more time. I am sure I’d be a tad slower than I was climbing it 30 years ago, but I’m ready to give it another try.

Jenny loves to go skiing and doesn’t get out nearly as often as she would like. The hills we had around our farm were not steep enough to ski on so I never learned to ski and even today I don’t have the desire to ski.

My favourite hobby is fishing and fly fishing specifically. I can’t tell you how many times we drove the 4 hours to visit Jenny’s parents and I would just drop her off and head straight to Tidehead for some trout and Atlantic salmon fishing on the fly. Well I’m getting a bit of track here, so here is a video I was watching this morning.

My son doesn’t ski either but he snowboards, so he and his mother would head out for their own little adventures and I would go ice fishing. Not with my fly rod of course.

Steve, our son, loves mountain biking and I know he would love to take a mountain bike ride down Sugarloaf. The last time we were there I don’t think there was a mountain bike trail. Maybe he and his cousin Patrick could hit the mountain next year. Not sure if I’d be trying this one.

Campbellton, New Brunswick is so scenic all year long and there is always something to do and it’s just a stone’s throw away from Quebec where Jenny has more relatives.

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