Snow Bound Day In Moncton, New Brunswick

snow dayGetting a lot of snow in New Brunswick isn’t anything new but every once in a while the snow is made so much worse by the wind. When you get that light snow and 60 or 70 Km/h winds it makes visibility drop to nil instantly.

I got up at 5am this morning, like most mornings and looked outside. These are the time I wish our Pit Bull Honey was a little bity dog who could use a litter box. But she isn’t so I had to bundle up, grab a shovel and start digging out a path so she could do her business.

While I was out I only heard one snow plough and it was clearing a parking lot on Mountain road. No cars, no people, just silence, until the wind picked up again. Then it was just whistling noises.

Well Honey was glad I finally shovelled a path because she was sitting there with her legs crossed waiting for me. I only cleared a path across the driveway. She bolted out the door, right to the edge of where I shovelled where she stopped to take a quick pee and them bounded out into the snow that was over her head and did the rest of her business out there.

She didn’t take time to sniff around and play in the snow. When that wind started blowing snow over top of her she was done and back at the house in an instant.

These are the days that it’s wise to stay home unless you absolutely have to be out on the road. The wind is going to stay strong most of the day so it’s not the day to be travelling around New Brunswick.

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I moved to Moncton, New Brunswick in 1980 and have loved living here for the past 30 years or so. There are so many places we like to visit like Fundy National Park that we find it hard to find time to experience new places and sights.

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