Shediac Cape New Brunswick Mid January

casey on the iceNew Brunswick has already had its share of snow and ice as well as a deep freeze that lasted a couple of weeks. This was followed by a mild break which melted a lot of snow and helped get the ice off the sidewalks and streets.

My friend Casey appearing in the photo on the left gave me a call and we went for a drive out to Shediac Cape to see how the ice was out there and to see if anybody was fishing yet.

The sky was clear of any clouds and a very bright blue making it hard to see without my sunglasses on. Couldn’t have asked for a better day as the temperature was quite comfortable.

There was no wind either so the guys who might normally be in their fish huts just drilled holes in the ice outside their hut and were sitting out there fishing from lawn chairs. They already had a few dozen smelt.

landscape ice fishing

smelt faceAfter a few pictures and a bit of watching we left and drove a little further on up the road to see if there were other fish huts out. Then we headed back home with plans to come back the following day, which we did.

The smelts are between 6 and 8 inches so I zoom in on one of them to show you the golden colour the sun was causing as it hit them. Otherwise they are more of a silver colour.


The fish hut above caught our eye as it looks pretty cool. I imagine this was going to be hauled out on the ice Friday night after work or maybe early Saturday morning to get ready for a day of ice fishing.

We headed back the following day which was extremely foggy and bit chillier as a result but fortunately there was still now wind or it could have been uncomfortable fishing on the ice.

ice fishing augerCasey brought his ice auger and in just a couple of minutes we each had a hole made in the ice and started setting up for some smelt fishing.

I bought an ice fishing rig the previous day but didn’t realize the difference slightly bigger hooks would have on the numbers of smelt caught. Meaning I was catching anything with my new rig.

Casey offered me one of his rigs a couple of times but I was determined to catch something on my own rig. Well after a couple of hours with nothing, while Casey was hauling them in one after the other, I decided to take him up on his offer.

I immediately started catching smelt and all was well in my world once more.


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  1. going to retire next year in newbrunswick and really love ice fishing .coming from sask. where we can ice fish almost 6 months a year I know that will be shortened but hope to get out for smelts and trout /…

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