Moncton Sunrise Over The Petitcodiac River

sunrise on the petitcodiac river moncton
Sunrise Over The Petitcodiac River Moncton

bankI tend to wake up through the night and yesterday was no different. When I wake up after 4am I will look out the window and see what the day looks like.

Yesterday was September 21 and when I looked out the window I could see stars and it looked like there might be clouds along the east horizon. I like that look so I stayed up and checked the temperature was 13 Celsius which is a comfortable temp for walking early morning.

Time to take the half hour walk to downtown Moncton and then on to the Petitcodiac river where I thought I would catch a good sunrise.

In the photo I took a few minutes before the sunrise showed the clouds in cool reds and oranges which made me wonder if the clouds were too thick to see the sun. That has happened so many times which is a bit depressing when you’ve walked a half hour to get there.

Just seconds after wondering if the sun was going to be visible I saw the slightest sliver of a bright red globe and instantly my spirits picked up. From the time I saw that little burst of hope it was visible enough to start getting some sunrise photos.

sunrise on the petitcodiac river

The clouds along the horizon were a very dim pink/red at first and I was wondering if there were too many clouds. Minute by minute the dim pink was turning red and then got brighter and brighter until I could finally see that top edge of the sun shining through the clouds. What a great feeling.

The photo at the top was just 2 or 3 minutes from the time I could see the top edge of the sun and it just got better and better with every passing moment.

I really enjoyed those few moments while the sun was moving above the horizon and then I noticed the golden light started hitting the muddy river bank which actually made me happy it was low tide. I have never seen the morning sun hitting the mud like this in the 30 some years I have lived in Moncton. Very cool.

sunrise on the petitcodiac

I saw a spot just up river from where I was standing where seagulls had walked across the mud while it was still wet. Looked really cool in the golden mud.

bird tracks in the wet river bank mud

My next adventure in Moncton will be to walk to Dieppe and see if I can catch a moon rise as well as the sun setting across the river.

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