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It didn’t take long before Jenny and I were missing our son as he had to move out to Saskatchewan for a job in his area of expertise. These days you have to go where the work is. Of course just after he moved he started getting local calls for work. Isn’t that life?

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Road Trip From Moncton, New Brunswick To Oxbow, Saskatchewan

He was sad he wasn’t able to take his dog Honey with him but he started his job with a probation period and stayed in a hotel the company owns and dogs aren’t allowed. Now that he has a place of his own we will bring Honey out with us.

smallie on a popperWe will wait until summer to take the road trip to visit him and bring his best buddy out, so we have plenty of time to plan the trip so I can include a bit of bass and pike fishing along the way.

This trip will be our first road trip as a retired couple so we are really looking forward to it and having the opportunity to do some fishing along the way makes it all the better. We will also be able to visit a few other family members along the way.

Plan Your Road Trip Well in Advance

mom and dadBy putting some thought and planning into our 4000 km road trip well in advance we are far more likely to save money, avoid problems, extra costs and disappointment. We started putting money away for expenses and will try to stay within our budget.

The last road trip we took was to pay a surprise visit to Ontario to see my foster parents. Well that didn’t work out so well because at that same time they decided to take a trip out to visit the Rocky Mountains.

Planning For A House Sitter

I have never liked leaving our home empty for any length of time so we will have a house sitter. We prefer having a family member stay in our house when we are gone for more than a few days. My mind relaxes so much more when I know our home is in good hands.

There is no need to worry about paying bills while we’re on the road trip because all our bills are now paid electronically.

Road Trip Vehicle Check Up

Before we leave home we will take our car in to a garage for a complete road trip check up. It’s always better safe than sorry and part of that is making sure our vehicle is ready for the trip.

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