Planning A Week Long Fishing Trip?

lake trout fishing tipsA few years ago five of us planned a 7 day fly in fishing trip into northern Quebec and because of the planning we had a fun fishing trip.

Our journey started in New Brunswick Canada where we drove from Moncton north to Quebec where caught our flight into a lake in northern Quebec.

Our flight was just over an hour one way and there were no stores so what we brought with us had to do for the entire 7 days.

Also because it was at least an hour one way it wasn’t the place to have an accident we couldn’t handle. An hour each way is long wait to get to a hospital. We needed to be prepared.

A 7 day fly in fishing trip isn’t the time to be leaving anything behind.

Make A List And Check It Twice

check your listMy fishing buddy Kerry and I got together to talk about our upcoming trip, we were more than excited as it was a first for both of us. We were going to make the best of it and that meant planning for a successful fishing trip, with no regrets.

I suggested that we make a list of things we plan to bring and then compare lists. I also contacted the rest of the group and asked them to make a list each and drop it off at my house. Well the lists were pretty sad although we all had BEER as the #1 item on the list. So we were all in sync, I guess.

Over the years as fishing buddies Kerry and I done a lot of camping and had a fairly detailed list. The other guys weren’t so much the outdoor kind and never did any camping at all. So I took all the lists and made one main list, then we all went over the new list deciding who would bring what, so we wouldn’t be duplicating things as there was a weight restriction on the plane we would be flying in on.

Funny thing but the heaviest cargo was of course the cans of beer.

Our Week of Fishing And Survival Supplies

First Aid Kit: I started by putting together a first aid kit as accidents do happen, especially when using big fishing lures for lake trout. The fact that help was a minimum of an hour away by plane and there were no roads made it even more important. Safety first is my motto.

sunburnedSunscreen: This was second on the list as I have experienced the pain of a bad sunburn and it could easily ruin a fun fishing trip for anyone forgetting their sunscreen.

As you can see in the image to the right I have gone fishing without sunscreen and it can be very painful. Wouldn’t want to be away from home for a week like that, it would have ruined my fishing trip. So, like my dad used to say, don’t do as I do instead just do as I say.

Bug Spray: We were heading to northern Quebec in April so we expected huge volumes of bugs, blackflies and mosquitoes that could drive a full grown man crazy. We were completely surprise by the fantastic weather and lack of bugs but we were prepared either way.

These two items in my opinion are the most important as they can make the difference between a great fishing trip and a nightmare. Of course one does have to apply the sunscreen for it to be affective so don’t leave it in your suitcase.

Bringing Enough Food To Go Around

bring foodBringing food is something we all shared so that we wouldn’t be bringing duplicates as everything was weighed before being put on the fly-in plane we had. We did leave each person with a certain weight they could bring separate for personal things. I brought a lot of potato chips to snack on.

We took our lists and then broke it down in order to have each of us bring things that wouldn’t be duplicated.

Example: pots, dishes, utensils, salt, pepper, condiments, even the toilet paper.

You need to know if there is a fridge and freezer where you are taking your fishing trip.If there is not you have to plan for that and watch the things you bring that might require refrigeration.

Is there drinking water available or do you need to bring that as well. Our fishing trip had both a fridge with a small freezer and a well for drinking water so all we had to bring was beer.

Don’t Forget Your Fishing Gear

Kerry and I planned the fishing gear we would be bringing as we were the most experienced fishers. Even so we forgot to include heavy weights needed to get down to those big lake trout and ended up fishing much shallower water than we intended.

Protect Your Fishing Rods

We bought torpedo tubes for our fishing rods and we brought a lot of fishing rods and reels so that no one would be without, even if we lost or destroyed half of them. I’ve heard of people having their fishing rods broken during the flight and has ruined many a fishing trip.

We all brought our own rods and lures but we had a list for those as well so that the inexperienced among us would have the right lures. Kerry and I shared our lures with our fishing buddies as our supply was way more than we needed.

Ready For Any Kind of Weather

Our trip was in April so we knew the weather could do anything, even show so we brought layers of clothing and rain gear. We also brought our own bedding which was mostly sleeping bags and pillows.

fly fishing guideMy hands shake too much to take a good picture but I still brought a camera, along with a tripod as it was fishing trip of a lifetime and would have been a shame to come home without visual memories to share.

A picture can say a thousand words so don’t forget your camera.

I was actually able to fly fish for lake trout spawning in the shallow. An experience I will never forget.


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