Picked The Perfect Day For A Hike In Fundy Park New Brunswick

Jenny and I drove to Fundy Park taking route 114, the scenic route, from Moncton through Hillsborough, Hopewell Cape and Alma before entering Fundy National Park yesterday.

We also drove in to Cape Enrage, visited the beach and took some pictures. Then we continued on along the shoreline on highway 915. I love that drive and usually I can drive slower because there seldom much traffic on that road.

Barnacles on half submerge rock at low tide

The first place we headed for in Fundy Park was Wolfe Point.

Hiking Wolfe Point Trail To The Beach

wolfe point covered bridgeI think Wolfe Point was the first place we took our son when he was big enough for us to start camping. I love covered bridges and didn’t see one myself until I was 30 years old when I moved to New Brunswick.

Wolfe Point is one of my favourites and I know it has a lot to do with what’s surrounding it that makes such an impression. Now any time I see one I want to stop and take pictures for my Covered Bridge Pinterest page.

view from trail at Wolfe Point

When I look at this picture I took just yesterday at Wolfe Point it makes me think of a tropical rain forest and the colour of the water as the tide was going out was just amazing.

jenny at wolf pointWe took the trail all the way down to the beach but first we looked out over the river. The walk was structured so we would be able to see the river and the bay so it was very enjoyable. I didn’t walk fast at all because I was continually taking pictures.

Even so it was a good workout for these old legs and so enjoyable because I love looking at the detail in things like the forest with moss, lichen and old trees.

There’s Jenny in the white hat looking out over the river into the Bay of Fundy. We could look straight down into the emerald coloured water. So cool.

emerald water

IMG_3018After taking a few pictures of the cliff on the opposite side of the river. We headed up the steps and started hiking down the trail toward the beach.

Wolfe Point is not a long walk but there is always something keeping you looking so it can seem like a long hike. I saw things off to the edge of the path that need a picture so I was going slow.

jennyJenny was looking at the river all the time while I was jumping around taking pictures of everything, even her.

It was a hot day so for people are age it’s wise to walk slower because the beach is still going to be there when we get there, right.

I am not a sit on the hot sand at a beach kind of guy but I do enjoy sitting and watching the waves wash on shore on a rocky beach. So much more activity in the waves. Plus sitting stones is so much cooler.


in loving memoryBeautiful view all the way to the bottom and of course on the way back up again once your ready to head out. We even saw a picture of a dog that had enjoyed this trail so much. The owners put it there in memory of their best friend.

It was just off the path near a good view of the river which is one of my favourite views as well. Maybe Jenny will put a picture of me next to this girl.

When we got off the steps and on the beach I looked behind me and there was a brook running down the rocks. All the years that I visited this spot I never looked back there so it was my first time all over again.


the point we started walkingWe walked along the beach for a while and I took pictures of the surf, rocks, drift wood and anything else that caught my eye.

I looked up river and could see the lookout where Jenny was standing at the start of the trail. I had to zoom in otherwise it was just a dot way up in the trees.

I am already looking forward to our next visit to Fundy National Park.


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