New Brunswick Sites Jenny, Steve And Have Visited

Me, Steve and Jenny in OntarioWhen Jenny and I first met we used to travel all over the place. Then we got married and started a family. From that point on our focus was raising our son and the places we traveled to where kid friendly.

We enjoyed many trips to Fundy Park. We love the trails and walking along the water’s edge to see what creatures the tides left behind on this particular day. Time would fly by and soon it was either time to head back to Moncton or to the camp site.

Hopewell Cape Rocks or as we locals call them, The Rocks, has always been a great adventure with our without our son. It’s just a place that let’s your mind wonder and fills one with awe.

We have been to Kings Landing a few times and I would say it’s one of our son’s favourite memories. He was a very curious boy and we fed that so he is still a very curious young man now.

Jenny is from Campbellton so we have climbed Sugar Loaf Mountain, which was pretty much in here backyard. Things have changed considerably since we were last there so Sugar Loaf is back on our travel schedule.

Now that Steve has moved from Moncton to Oxbow, Saskatchewan we have plans to start seeing the sites in New Brunswick we haven’t had a chance to see yet. Just six more months and Jenny retires. Then there is nothing to stop us from traveling until our hearts are content.

I just ordered the latest New Brunswick guide a few minutes ago. This way we will have a way to plan our travels.

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