New Brunswick – Never a Dull Moment for Kids on a New Brunswick Vacation


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???Each New Brunswick city has a variety of ‘things to do’ for children on vacation. Yet even without organized activities, New Brunswick is the natural place to take your children for this year’s holiday. Let them experience the natural beauty of this Atlantic province.

Every adventurous spirit wants to visit the Hopewell Rocks and walk on the ocean floor. Parents will have to make their plans around the low tides. Interpretive staff on the beaches can explain everything you need to know about staying safe during this adventure. Safety must always be a priority.

The Irving Eco Reserve might look low-key but it is an educational and entertaining spot. Against a background of fragile sand dunes, bilingual puppets entertain enthusiastic children. With a learning centre, hands-on exhibits, and pretend tracks to use in the sand to make prints, the Irving Eco Reserve is a fun place. Bog-walking at Kouchibouguac National Park will also thrill the kids.

Camping is always great fun – especially in a province with such natural beauty. Families can camp in New Brunswick parks or private campgrounds. The river systems play a huge part in this province and it is easy to find campsites alongside a river. Star-gazing is a must on a camping trip under New Brunswick’s indigo skies.

The province has endless beaches and countless opportunities for fun and relaxation. Whether families choose a walk on the beach, an afternoon swim, or a serious rock and shell collecting excursion, they are bound to have fun in New Brunswick.

Take the kids out on a whale-watching cruise and they can see not only whales but also seals, eagles, and porpoises. A luxury cruise departing from St. Andrews goes out to the whale’s playground in the Bay of Fundy. The trip includes plenty of children’s activities such as a touch tank with starfish and crabs as well as pirate costumes.

In St. John, kids will enjoy the Cherry Brook Zoo with its exotic animals. At the Vanished Kingdom Park, visitors can walk through a natural setting filled with replicas of extinct animals. See the Elephant Bird that stood 10 feet high and weighed 1100 pounds. In charming New Brunswick, kids can be kids.

Of course, children an still find their favorite amusement rides or a mini-golf course. The best part of a New Brunswick vacation is that families can find a balance. The province offers natural beauty, modern attractions, plenty of space, and an easy pace of life so that the whole family can enjoy their holiday. There are always fun ‘things to do’ in NB towns and villages.

When families vacation In New Brunswick, they will always find comfortable places to stay in this unique province. Guests can choose from a wide range of accommodations including luxury suites, charming bed and breakfasts, quaint inns, modern resorts, and secluded cabins. New Brunswick cottages and hotels offer affordable rates and friendly service.

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