New Brunswick Covered Bridges We Saw In One Day

Jenny and I live in Moncton and really don’t need a car for most things, although come grocery day it would be nice. Jenny is on vacation now so it’s the perfect time to get out of Moncton and visit some favourite spots, like Fundy National Park. Neither of us has been to Kent Hills Wind Farm, so we did that too, on a foggy day.

I do like covered bridges. We saw four over the two days we had the car. You can read about the Wolfe Point covered bridge here. So today I just want to show you the other three covered bridges we saw.

Right at Riverside Albert there is a horse riding stable and just before that is a covered bridge. You can park there and walk through it and explore but you can’t drive through this one.

This is Sawmill Creek covered bridge built in 1905.

sawmill creek bridge 1905
Hey get out of my picture lady. Oh sorry Jenny. Ha Ha

Getting a little closer to Fundy Park there is another covered bridge. It’s on Midway road to your left when driving to Fundy and it’s a little ways down the road so it is easy to miss driving by at 80Km/hr.

The two smaller pictures are looking out windows on each side of the covered bridge. Would have loved to have my fly rod with me. No wind at all and beautiful looking trout water.


IMG_3178 river view from covered bridge

After that we had lunch in Alma and then went into Fundy to walk the Wolfe Point trail to the beach.

Yesterday we went to the Kent Hills Wind Farms. On the way there on route 114 just a short distance after Riverview is a covered bridge as well. Not one you can drive through but you can walk through it.

covered bridge lower coverdale

IMG_3307 IMG_3314

Up until the causeway gates were opened permanently I used to fish this area which was Lake Petit. Had some good times. Curious to see how the restoration goes in the future.

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