Mapleton Park Walking Trails A Great Place To Stretch Your Legs

under the bridge
Under The Mapleton Park Bridge

mapleton park trailWe heard about Mapleton Park from a friend a year or two ago but it’s just far enough away that I really would need to take a bus there so I wouldn’t be worn out by the time I walked there.

Jenny and I decided to check the trails so we took the bus part way and got off a little closer to Mapleton park. We only had to walk for about ten minutes and it was still early enough that we weren’t frying yet.

I believe there are two main paths going across the park. One at the north end and the other along the brook at the south end. There are also many smaller paths that go back and forth between the two main paths.

We walked the full length of the two main paths which was about 5 km and also took a few of the branches off the path. All added up we probably walked about 10 km and Jenny was pretty beat by lunch time.

From the park by home we saw an A&W so we stopped there and had a yummy lunch which gave her the energy to continue home without taking a bus. So proud of her as she is six months older than me.

Want To Find Squirrels Just Listen

never aloneSquirrels like to let you know they are around and that you might be walking through their territory. They may even demand a treat before they let you pass.

Many of the squirrels we saw were heard first and the reason we turned our head and camera that way. This little guy was chattering like a mad squirrel.

As we walked past this chatterer I am sure he was disappointed we didn’t offer him any nuts. Sorry we kind of ate those on the way to the park.

Jenny was standing on one of the bridges crossing the brook when a brown squirrel climbed up onto the bride. At first he didn’t see Jenny. When he did he kind of got spazzy and spun around in a circle not quite sure what to do.

jumping squirrel

The he jumped up on the railing and took off across the bridge that way and then down onto the rocks and up at tree. All that in about 4 seconds.

We definitely enjoyed the park but had to head back home before the heat of the day got the better of us. We will be back to enjoy the park and next time we will bring a few treats for the birds and squirrels and maybe even have a picnic of our own.

caterpillarAs we were leaving the park I noticed a little caterpillar heading into the park. Likely looking for a place to make the transformation into a butterfly.

So by the time we got back home we had walked almost 10 kilometers and were ready to cool off and put our feet up.

The trails that led across the park are 2-3 kilometers with trails going back and forth between them. We follow the north trail from Mapleton to Gorge road and then followed the south trail back to Mapleton road.

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