New Brunswick: Robins And Cedar Waxwings in February?

robins and cardinalI have lived in New Brunswick since 1980 and have had our home for more than 5 years. I always look forward to the return of birds like Robins to our backyard, in April.

I have been trying to take a good image of a Robin since we moved here but my cheap little camera doesn’t zoom well and any shaking makes it even worse and I do shake, just enough to make it frustrating.

I work from home and have my office looking out over the north east side of our yard. It’s great to just sit here and daydream while looking out the window, as I was doing yesterday. I was so sunny and the snow so white it was blinding, but so beautiful.

I headed to the kitchen for a minute and when I returned a saw a cloud of bird shadows go across the snow and then BAM there was more than a hundred birds in landing on the bushes, shed and trees. I looked and was certain I saw robins, but it’s the first of February.

I couldn’t count them all but I would say there was a minimum of 30 to 40 big fat robins and dozens and dozens of Cedar Waxwings, which were new to me. I had to look them up on the Internet to know what they were. Very cool looking birds.

Not sure where they came from but as fat as they are I don’t think they went too far south this year. Anyways they were helping themselves to the thousands of red berries from the bushes along our property fence.

Wasn’t Stealthy Enough

birds everywhereI tried hard to get a quality image but couldn’t do it through the screened windows in my office and couldn’t get close when I went outside, even though I tried to hide from view. They just left as one big group and didn’t return until I came back in the house.

I hope the images I did get are clear enough for you to see what I was enjoying. I gave it my best shot and didn’t get much work done at all as I couldn’t take my eyes of them.

cedar WaxwingThe disappeared as fast as they appeared. As soon as our house cast a shadow on the bushes they left.

They didn’t leave the property though. When I took Honey out to do her business I saw them all take off again, from the south side of our property where the sun was still hitting the bushes. It looked like a huge cloud of flapping wings moving over our home garden.

????? ?? ??????I was wondering if I would see them again today but it was cloudy, until about 9am and the sun burst onto the scene and so did the Robins and Cedar Waxwings. Glad there was still berries left for them today, but not many. They must have been stuffed after hours and hours of eating berries and snow.


New Brunswick: Robins And Cedar Waxwings in February? — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks Robert

    We have only really started traveling. Our son is almost out on his own and Jenny and I are both ready to hit the road and see more of New Brunswick. I of course will always be ready with my fly rod or other fishing gear, just in case I need them.

  2. I was delighted to read your post – yesterday I came across a similar scene in my yard. I took some photos though I didn’t have much time or the proper lens. Still, I really wondered when I saw so many robins, and then realized that they were zipping from tree to tree along with the cedar waxwings. Most sites I’ve seen have suggested April for robins and June for cedar waxwings. I hope we’ll find out more. Thank you!

  3. we have spotted a white headed robin for this spring . It was here last year also. chirps like a robin, hops like a robin. Have not seen a pair yet. It is in a flock of robins of about 15 to 20. Any one else seen these beautiful birds?

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