Ice Fishing In New Brunswick Canada

CIMG0440I went a long time living in New Brunswick before I ever tried ice fishing here. Did a little in Ontario before moving out here to live in Moncton. I didn’t really know a lot of fishers here in the Maritimes and never thought much of it.

Last year and this year my friend Casey has taken me out ice fishing on Shediac Bay where we did some ice fishing for smelts. We tried matching the tides but didn’t manage to get anything but it was still a lot of fun and the scenery was great.

Today I thought I would share a little more ice fishing from New Brunswick. I haven’t had the opportunity to ice fish these locations but they are on my wish list.

Let’s start with some videos from around New Brunswick.

Pete, Chef Jesse, Dave and Craig go fishing for smelt at the "Black Door Lounge" in the fishing shack village located on the Kennebecasis River in Renforth just outside Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

When I was ice fishing in Ontario, more than 30 years ago now, I was invited to go out about 5 miles on our snow mobiles to a ice fishing community with hundreds of huts. My friend took me to the biggest hut out there. It even had four bunk beds. The ice fishing hut in this video looks like a good size and very comfortable.

Now on to some ice fishing without a hut, like Casey and I did this year as he turned his ice fishing hut into a garden shed last summer. Now we are thinking about buying portable ice fishing huts.

March Break Ice Fishing for Trout in New Brunswick

I really like seeing families fishing together and having fun. I took my son fishing for the first time when he was just a little guy which put the fishing itch in him. Now he’s grown up and moved away. This year he caught his first pike in Saskatchewan where he now lives.

These kids are having fun and the excitement level is high. After that video was done they started cooking up their New Brunswick trout. I just leave you a link to that one.

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