Fishing The Saint John River

Well the Saint John river in New Brunswick travels a long ways so I guess I should have been a little more specific.

Fishing The Saint John River Jemseg New Brunswick

My fishing buddy Casey and I headed out from Moncton Saturday morning about 5:30. It was fairly cloudy and we were looking for a comfortable day of fishing smallmouth bass on the Saint John river.


sun rise on the Saint John river

By the time we arrived at the Jemseg bridge where we launch Casey’s boat from the clouds were pretty much gone.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one and I was right on as it got rather hot.

About 11:00 AM the recreational boaters started their day on the Saint John river. There were boats of every shape and size, even a couple of huge sail boats. Pretty cool to watch them, but back to fishing.

We had a lot of fun fishing and even caught some smallmouth bass and a number of perch.

funfishingthesaintjohnriverWe practice CPR, Catch, Photograph and Release so no fish were harmed in the making of our rather enjoyable day of fishing the Saint John River.

Part of what I enjoy when I’m out fishing here in New Brunswick is the scenery around and the fact that you don’t have to go far from any city here to be into nice scenery.

Here is a shot I took of bridge we were coming to while moving through a spot called Swan Creek.

scenic-riverSwan Creek Bridge

This was mid day and the sky was still clear and the wind, well you can see from the picture there really isn’t any wind to speak of.

Our day ended all to soon but beauty here in New Brunswick is only a few minutes away.


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