Fishing At Mactaquac Park Arm New Brunswick

mactaquac parkMonday was a holiday for us here in New Brunswick and the weather channel said the temperature was suppose to be in the mid to high teens for the afternoon. Why miss a great opportunity for weather like that so we planned a November 12 muskie fishing day at the Mactaquac Park area Fredericton. The stretch of water we were going to fish is called The Arm.

Casey planned a fishing trip to Mactaquac Park New Brunswick for our last day out muskie fishing. We dressed for November with many layers of clothing but we didn’t need them for long. At just 7am it was already 7 degrees Celsius. So every hour we stripped off a layer of clothing.

We arrived at our fishing destination, Mactaquac Park area, from Moncton, at about 7:30 and after a full all around check of Casey’s boat we launched and were on the water by 8:00.

mactaquac dam new brunswick-2We were eager to get fishing but before that Casey took a couple of minutes to stop so I could take a picture of the Mactaquac Hydroelectric dam area.

When we arrived it was heavy clouds and still not fully light yet so please forgive the poor quality image.

I took a series of pictures so that I could try to stitch them into one wide image. I took the images from out boat quite a distance from shore so everything looks kind of small. I hope this image will be clickable and load the full size image once it’s online.

mactaquac dam new brunswick

Once I had the pictures I wanted we jumped back in Casey’s truck and continued on our way. Just a few more minutes to the launch point, a safety check and we were on the water, which was like a mirror. Not a breath of wind, looking good for our day of fishing. Here’s a look at the water as we drove to the launch point.

mirror like water today

We passed the marina and saw that all the boats were gone and during our entire day we only saw one boat on the water, other than ourselves. Well they missed a gorgeous day on New Brunswick waters.

busy beaver on the mactaquac park armDuring our day of fishing we saw a few beaver busy preparing for the long cold winter that’s just around the corner.

It took me a while to find this beaver after it dove and only left a steam of bubbles behind it. I took a couple of picture but by the time I snapped the picture it was gone and I got an image full of bubbles.

Birds By The Hundreds

loonThere was also a loon that was following us around but he was making it tough to get a picture. Every time I aimed my camera at him he dove for cover.

Maybe people have been shooting at them or something because it sure was skittish. I did get a few pictures of the swirl as he dove and a few that only showed his behind as he dove.

bald eagleCasey pointed out a huge bald eagle that took off from a tree right next to us but I was busy taking a picture of the trees reflecting in the mirror like water and missed the shot. We watched where it flew to so once we got to the point I was paying closer attention.

The thing is the eagle landed in behind a group of trees and I had a hard time even getting an image at all but I managed to get one, even though it won’t win any awards.

When we backed down to the water to launch the boat I saw a group of about 100 or so ducks. I got out of the truck and tried to sneak closer to their location. I was behind the trees but I couldn’t fool the ducks. Before I could get close enough to snap a picture they were airborne and I was left with a picture of disturbed water. It was still pretty cool watching all the birds as there were huge numbers of them.

I am sure there were hundreds of Canada geese and they sure can make a lot of noise. I could see that many were this year’s babies as they didn’t have their adult feathers yet and looked kind of gangly. It didn’t stop them from flying off with their parents.

canada geese on the Mactaquac Arm

Kayaking And Canoeing Mid November

Later in the day, once it had warmed up to the mid teens we saw a guy in a kayak enjoying the water and then a couple in a canoe getting their exercise.

kayaking new brunswick mactaquac park canoeing

Gorgeous Scenery on the Mactaquac Arm

The fishing was of course great fun but the scenery was just breath taking so I spent a lot of time just snapping pictures of everything around me. Here are a few of them. I hope you enjoyed our trip to the Mactaquac Park Arm Fredericton.

Mactaquac Park Arm

small island in the Mactaquac Park Arm

sunsetting as we leave mactaquacAll too soon it was time to head back to the launch and head back to Moncton. We didn’t get any muskie but I did get a big fat chain pickerel that really made my day. It was the biggest pickerel I’ve ever caught. Not the longest but certainly the fattest.

On the drive home the sun was mostly behind us which gave me a chance to snap some sunset images through Casey’s side view mirror.

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