Fall in New Brunswick Canada, Gorgeous

brilliant-colour-treeWell it’s that time again. Time to enjoy fall fishing in New Brunswick. I can never seem to get enough of it although my neck hurts after the day ends, from twisting it around to see all the Autumn colours that have started.

My friend and fishing buddy Casey took me fishing a few days ago. We were fishing the Coles Island area.

The Autumn colours are only just starting. The trees along the water front are changing to beautiful reds, yellows and oranges but have protected the trees behind them, so it’s just breath-taking to say the least.


I think I spent more time taking pictures and looking around that paying attention to the fishing. Every place I looked the trees had my attention.

If I am fortunate enough to get out fishing again before the season closes for the year I am sure many more trees will have changed.

Last night we had temperatures that nearly hit the freezing mark and that was right here in town so I imagine the area outside of towns may have been hit by frost which will make even more trees change colours.

I grew up in maple tree heaven. We had lots of maple syrup, plenty of fire wood for those cold winters and of course colours that make people stop their cars to take pictures.

If you get the opportunity to travel New Brunswick in the fall you should plan a trip to view the Acadian forest region of New Brunswick.

What Makes The Fall Colour Change?

I love what happens to New Brunswick’s deciduous trees in the fall and know it has to do with the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves as the temperature begins dropping.

Read a really good explanation about fall colour changes at Wikipedia.


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