Chipman Waterfront Campground on Salmon River

Chipman Waterfront CampgroundFishing here in New Brunswick is definitely in my blood and I just can’t seem to get out on the water as often as I would like. However, when I do get to go fishing these days I like to get out for more than just one day at a time, heck you never know when you might get out again.

It doesn’t happen often but when it does I like to find a campground close to where we are fishing.

I’ve camped right at our fishing locations but I like the campground environment. Being able to walk around and meet other people.

Viewing Chipman’s Waterfront Campground
from a paddle boat in Salmon River.

What’s great about this campground is the fact it’s so close to so many great spots for smallmouth bass and chain pickerel fishing. We can fish until dark and in just 5 or 10 minutes were at the campground.

Note: When we are done fishing for the day we can just pull our boat to the shore right at the campground or drop by at any time to grab lunch or on some of those scorchers and long days, maybe even for a little nap. Sometimes we tend to get to bed rather late when there are camp fires on the go and so many people that love to chat.

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