A Trip To Gagetown, New Brunswick For A Day of Fishing

Last week, right at the end of August, my fishing buddy Casey dropped in while he was in Moncton with his wife. He asked if I’d like to go to Gagetown, New Brunswick for a day of fishing, as if I’d ever say ‘NO’. So he said he’d be here to pick me up at 5:30 but knowing Casey I’d better be ready at 5am and sure enough he was at my house just before 5:00 am.

gagetown ferryI’m glad Casey decided to take the Gagetown ferry as I like taking the ferry places. When we cross bridges I seldom get a good shot with my camera and is why I like taking the ferry. So we also took the ferry on the way back home as well.

We turned off Highway 2, onto highway 715 and followed it to Lower Jemseg and then onto the Jemseg Ferry Road which took us straight to the Gagetown ferry.

ferry crossing with fishing boat
Glad we didn’t leave any earlier because it would have been dark when we crossed.

However, we were early enough to be the only vehicle on the ferry. Just a quick 5 minutes later we were on the other side, heading towards the Gagetown boat launch. But first I took a few pictures. Here’s one just before the sun was above the horizon.

sunrise gagetown new brunswick
The sun is just about to burst into view

herring in waterWe like to go fishing during the week when all the younger people are at work so we don’t have to deal with boat traffic on the main sections of the river. I usually get more pictures of wildlife when there is less boat traffic.

Like this herring I saw waiting for breakfast to swim by. He was right next to the boat launch. He stopped fishing just long enough to check us out. Saw we were no threat and went right back to fishing.

ducks at gagetown new brunswickI snapped the picture above and when I looked to the other side of the boat launch there were a few ducks bobbing for their breakfast as well.

Herrings, ducks, Osprey and eagles seem to be everywhere and for me that makes it hard to get any fishing done. I end up looking around taking pictures instead of fishing. Oh well, as it gives Casey a chance to beat me at fishing. Ha ha…

Sunrise Gagetown, New Brunswick

sunrise at gagetown

Just as we launched the sun broke through a cloud on the horizon, just to let us know it was there.

As you can see by the water the wind is already blowing. Normally we like to have a nice calm day but when it’s hot like the weather channel was predicting I don’t mind a bit of a breeze.

Fortunately the day remained breezy but didn’t get crazy windy like some of the days we had when even the anchor couldn’t hold the boat from blowing around.

As we started fishing I looked back to the shore and there was The Old Boot Pub. The rising sun was giving it a special hue that made it look like a sunset and made me think it would have been nice to stay for the night so we could visit the pub after a long day of fishing. But that wasn’t the plan for this trip.

the ole boot pub gagetown
The Old Boot Pub, Gagetown New Brunswick

I looked across the river at one point and saw what looks like a juvenile eagle. It was so far away I had to zoom my camera as far as I could so the image isn’t the best. That part of the river had a huge sandbar so we couldn’t get any closer.

eagle on downed tree in river 

We had a fun day of fishing. I caught chain pickerel but Casey had to do better and caught not only pickerel but some nice smallmouth bass, fat perch and even a gorgeous looking sunfish.

Because it was a bit windy we looked for places to fish that had some protection from the wind as we love fishing the weeds when there is no wind at all. As we moved up this protected channel we say a houseboat with three people enjoying the great day.

Grandma was floating around on an inner tube while granddad and granddaughter were fishing. I think their granddaughter was early teens and she was beating granddad 9 to zip as he was still trying to figure out how to get them to bite. Grandma was attracting them to the their houseboat using her toes.

That little stretch of calm water was packed full of hungry chain pickerel.

Before we knew it our day of fishing was over and we were heading back to the boat launch. We packed everything up for the trip home and Casey makes the final check around the boat to be sure all is packed well and all the lights are working properly.

casey last check on the boat

I was glad Casey chose to take the ferry again as it was still plenty light enough for me to get a few more pictures on our way back home. This time I got a picture with a little more light than we had early in the morning.

gagetown ferry back home

The Leaning Tower of Osprey

We saw a number of Osprey and their man made platforms they use for their nests. Most were vacant as they were likely out fishing just like Casey and I were.

However on the way home I saw one next where the platform was leaning. It looked like it would be a challenge raising their babies without them rolling out of the nest.

leaning tower of osprey

The shot is from quite a distance but if you look closely there’s an Osprey perched on the left side of the nest.

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