A Foggy Day On French Lake New Brunswick

sunrise through the side window of Casey's truckFishing buddy and good friend Casey Hayward who lives in Hopewell Cape picked me up in Moncton for a day of chain pickerel fishing at French lake New Brunswick just before the sun was suppose to come up.

It was a very foggy morning Thanksgiving morning and we had an hour and a half drive ahead of us before we reached French lake. It’s foggy mornings like this one that makes me happy we have so many divided highways. No dealing with oncoming traffic.

After driving in the dark and thick fog for about a half hour I saw the sun trying to break through the fog behind us. I couldn’t get a picture through the windows to the back but after a few minutes we turned a bend in the road and I could see the sun through the side window in the back.

sunrise through the side window of Casey's truck

Glad it was Casey driving as I would have been way too distracted by the fog, trees and sun. I would want to be stopping every time I saw something I wanted to take a picture of and we’d never get any fishing done.

IMG_4101We drove through fog most of the way but periodically there would be a clear spot like the one on the left. By this time the sun was up and I could see it hitting the tops of trees.

You can also see in the picture that our clear view wasn’t going to last more than a few seconds.

The image below gives you a better view of how huge this bank of fog looked just before the picture on the left.

Strange the fog wasn’t in low lying areas.

This next image is why I love fog. I took this picture in the ‘passenger’s side view window’ as I wasn’t driving. The sun is barely showing though the fog but it made for a fun photo, but that’s just my personal opinion.

fog in the side mirror

Finally we were on the road that leads to the boat launch we use to get to French lake and we started looking for deer as it’s apple season for deer and there are apple trees along this road. Just before we reached the launch we saw 6 or 7 whitetail deer crossing the road into a grassy field where they had quick access to the woods.

Not the best image but it was foggy.

The rest of our day was spent fishing for Chain Pickerel and was the best day of fishing I had all year and I’ve had a few good days.

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