10 Things One Should Have On A Camping Trip in New Brunswick

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I am a fisherman and love the outdoors as long as it involves fishing at some point. We go to some remote spots where we have to hike in so we bring our tents with us.

What a pain it use to be to show up without something important so my two fishing buddies and I started a list of things we should bring camping with us.

Keep A Camping Items List

Take the stress out of camping by keeping your list with your camping supplies so you don’t forget to check your list. I’ve done that before and my fishing buddies just laugh at me.

1. Don’t Forget Your Tent:

How frustrating would it be to actually go camping and leave your tent at home. It may also prove to be a little embarrassing so be sure you have that packed up first thing.

We usually hang our sleeping bags out to dry if it’s been damp so they can easily be forgotten. That can make for very uncomfortable nights.

2. Cooking Gear:

I like to cook and eat so I have to make sure I have my Coleman stove, pots and utensils. I also double check the amount of fuel I bring with me.

Like I said I love fishing so I bring enough dishes and utensils so that I never have to do the dishes immediately. This means I can leave the other guys and get back to fishing.

3. A Useful Knife:

Dull knives are dangerous things so I make sure I have a good knife to work with, one that’s been properly sharpened. I like to have a good knife for survival purposes but I also like to have a sharp knife for preparing meals. That includes a good filleting knife.

4. First Aid Kit:

No matter how careful you are it’s best to keep a well packed first aid kit with you. It comes in handy when others have forgotten theirs, no names.

The trips my wife decided to go fishing with me are perfect examples of why one should have a first aid kit with them. I won’t embarrass her with details but take it from me. Don’t forget the first aid kit.

5. Fire Starter Tools:

We never go camping without having a campfire if possible and of course we have a camping stove that isn’t auto ignite. This means it would be a real pain to arrive without a way to start a fire.

I’ll be the first to admit I have never been able to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. We also camp in places other than campgrounds so it’s not always possible to walk around asking for a light.

6. Flashlight:

There are times you need to find something in the night so a flashlight comes in very handy. Don’t just remember to bring your flashlight, also check to make certain you have extra batteries.

A painful memory of sticking my entire hand into a pile of fishing lures with treble hooks because I brought a flashlight with batteries that were almost dead.

7. Compass:

Learn how to read and use a compass and then be sure to bring the compass with you. Especially if you’re adventurous and don’t always take marked paths.

It’s great to have a GPS but they use batteries. You don’t want those batteries to die on you.

8. Bring Clothing And Footwear For All Occassions:

I remember a day of fishing where none of us brought rain gear as it wasn’t in the forecast. Not smart at all.

We stopped and picked up a poncho each as it was raining before we arrived at our fishing location and we didn’t want to spend the day in tents.

It was early spring and cold but bearible but not once I was soaked. The wind was so strong it actually ripped my poncho off and took it out on the lake where I couldn’t get it back.

I spent the rest of that day soaked and cold.

9. Insect Repellant:

My wife won’t wear bug repellant but is quite willing to wear a goofy looking bug suite. On the other hand I can’t wear anything that’s going to cover my face so I go for the bug spray.

Nothing destroys a good time as much as no-see-ems, black flies and mosquitoes. That’s just during the day, then you have to live with all those bites all night long.

10. Trash Bags:

This tip is last on my list but is one of the most important in my books. I can’t stand littering and even carry out other people’s trash.

There are other things on our list of things to bring camping but the most important ones are listed here.

Please feel free to use comments to share more things you bring camping.

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