Petitcodiac River Tidal Bore Surfing Moncton Update

camera readyI didn’t get to the park in time to see the surfers on the tidal bore on Monday but went back yesterday and got a few pictures and videos.

So Monday’s post about the surfers turned out to be more about taking pictures of flowers and just enjoying the day.

This morning I finished the video and uploaded it to my Home Gardening Tips Youtube channel.

surfersThere were two guys with their boards who went out to join the other surfers just before they came around the bend.

It was fun watching them with a long paddle each as they paddled towards the other surfers I couldn’t see yet.

A few Canada geese were making their way along the muddy river bank hoping to get a good view of the surfers. Always fun watching them waddle around.

canada geese petitcodiac river

A family was right behind me with a very excited young fella about 5 or 6. He was jumping up and down and getting more excited by the second. When those two guys got in the water I though the little guy was going jump right in with them.

It was long after the first two guys headed down river to join the others and now I wanted to jump up and down and scream. What!? It’s okay for a little guy to get excited but not me?

tidal bore

Here’s the video I put together from the clips I took. It’s only my second video so be kind and I hope you enjoy it.

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