Visited Crooked Creek Lookout Riverside Albert, New Brunswick

crooked creek

If you’re in the neighbourhood of Riverside Albert, maybe on the way the Fundy Park, you should stop in at the Crooked Creek Lookout. It’s such a great view that it is definitely worth the stop to create a memory.

The first time I saw this lookout was more than 30 years ago and still want to see it every time we go that way. We would usually stop for a few minutes when ever we were going to go fishing crooked creek, either before fishing or if it wasn’t dark on the way out we would stop as well.

IMG_2778Jenny and I were on the way to Fundy Park this day and couldn’t pass by without stopping in for a view, err a few.

This is the first brook I fished with my fly rod way back then. I had a part time job when I first moved here which gave me plenty of time to enjoy a few of the brooks New Brunswick has to offer us.

I haven’t been fishing there since before 2004 because of health issues that keep me from hiking long distances. Wading in water makes it even harder but I’m improving every year and hopefully I’ll be able to fly fish this great little spot again.

bench looking out a creekWe stood at the lookout for a bit and then sat on a bench looking out over the scene and had some water and a snack before continuing on the Fundy National Park at Alma.

Always glad when it’s a nice clear day so we get to see everything. This day it was just a bit hazy as it’s been hot and muggy for a few days. Still enjoyed the view.

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