Timely Tips For Booking Your Holiday Travel

plan your travelWell holiday season here in New Brunswick is in the air once again and I can already feel it calling me but it can be so expensive.

Most of us wish we could take a break, unwind and maybe take a vacation away from the day in and day out activities of work. Truly, we deserve to have a time out.

How can you make this this holiday season different from past holiday season? Why not travel to a new location. Somewhere you have always wanted to go but never took the time to plan because you always thought it would be too expensive.

Many of our friends don’t do much travel because they always leave it until the last minute and then say it’s too expensive. Well I’m here to tell you that if you take the time to plan ahead way ahead you can travel for far less than last minute travel.

Below are a few travel tips that will help you travel for less:

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

early bird gets the wormNo I don’t mean you should eat worms to save enough money but you should plan travel early enough to save money so you don’t have to eat worms. So be the early bird and use some spare time to contact a travel company or agency and see what you would pay if you were the early bird.

Just last week our son checked to see what it would cost to fly home for a visit. The next he booked the flight and it had gone up $20 in just one day. It can happen that fast. So the earlier you book your travel whether it’s by air, train or bus the better pricing you’re likely to get.

More Travellers Every Year

Every year the demands for travel and flights during holiday season is more in demand but there are still only so many seats available. As they fill the cost goes up until they are completely full and sometimes even over-booked.

Plan Your Itinerary

Plan every aspect of your travels well in advance and you’ll actually have money left over to enjoy while you’re travelling. Even plan where you want to visit while you’re taking your well deserved break.

Most important is to make certain you reserve your hotel rooms. You can check availability just before you book your travel flight, bus or train and then be sure to book the room or rooms immediately so they are still available.

Use A Travel Agency

We don’t travel as much as we would like and don’t always know what we are doing so rather than be disappointed we use a travel agency and have never had a problem. I have done the travel plans on my own before and it cost us more money than we needed to spend.

One of the great things about using a travel agency are the bells and whistles they can get for us along with promos and discounts, especially around the holiday seasons. In my view they are well worth checking out.

For many the opportunity to travel may be a once in a lifetime experience so do yourself a favour and be the Early Bird. If you’re planning to travel New Brunswick Canada be sure to check out Tourism New Brunswick.

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