Third Vault Falls – Fundy National Park – New Brunswick

DSC_0032I love the summer but the extreme heat can beat me down pretty fast and yesterday, July 13, 2015 was going to be another hot and humid day in Moncton so I suggested we go to Fundy National Park, New Brunswick which is along the coast where it is usually up to 10 degrees cooler.

Because we have already been to see Dickson Falls in Fundy this summer so I made another suggestion. How about Third Vault Falls. A hike and falls Jenny has never done.

When I told her it was only a 7.4 Kilometer round trip I got that look like she thought I was messing with her head. That’s when I said that I had gone there with Cathy, an ex girlfriend, 30 some years ago… right about the time I met Jenny. I also mentioned that we would be walking in the forest where we would be out of the direct sunlight.

The Third Vault Falls Trail

DSC_0024We arrived about 10:15 and made sure we had enough water and a few snacks to keep up our blood sugar levels. We hit the trail to the falls at 10:30.

Before we even got to the sign and gateway to the trail we had butterflies all around us. This little guy first landed on Jenny’s leg and then onto the stones in front of me. So I shot him… with  my camera of course. Photo #1… well other than the photo of the entrance.

2 1/2 hours and 240 photos later we were back at our new Nissan Micra. So nice to sit down and take a load off our 60 some year old feet.

The Hike In…

DSC_0187For me it’s not just a hike in to see a cool water fall it’s also everything along the trail because I carry my camera with me everywhere I go these days. I never stop looking for that special shot as I walk but I also have to watch where I am putting my feet because I stumble easily. So with my head swivelling around and up and down I kind of look like a bobble head.

NOTE: I have walked this trail in sneakers but I now where hiking boots with good tread on them. Less chance of slipping on the many rocks and stones on the trail as parts of it are old brook beds. Would not want to twist an angle because I didn’t wear proper footwear.

Once you reach the end of the trail just before the falls it’s a long way down… plus it’s a long way back up in crappy shoes.

Along The Trail

hdr - mushroom in barkOn the first half of the trail to Third Vault Falls we saw lots of moss, fungi and mushrooms but then I hear running water and looked to my right. It was a brook but if it wasn’t for the sound I would have missed it all together. Why??

Well there was so much cool moss in the forest covering everything including the rocks and stones in the brook making it look just like the rest of the forest.

I walked over and everything was so green that even the water looked green. The water was actually crystal clear when you looked straight into it but everything reflected the green so the water just looked like the trail we were walking. So glad for that cool sound water makes rolling over rocks.


DSC_0212As we got closer to the waterfall the trail started getting steeper and it just kept getting steeper the closer we were. So glad they put stairs in or we would never have gotten back out again.

The brook in the photo above continued toward the base of the waterfall and got steeper as well so it was creating little waterfalls over those moss covered rocks and boulders. I actually spent more time photographing these little falls coming over the rocks than I did with the very high waterfall that is Third Vault Falls.

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