Enjoying The Dobson Trail Riverview New Brunswick


Our son Steve told us about the Dobson trail he and his friend Robin hiked and camped along which got my interest.

I finally got there this year in the early summer and then again just in the last few days to see the brook and autumn colours before they are gone again for another year.

I was not disappointed and came out feeling happy, relaxed and refreshed. I was a little tired as I was walking for almost 3 hours but don’t take that as a complaint. I enjoyed every second and plan to return with my wife in the next few days.

It is only a few minutes to jump in the car and drive from home in Moncton across the Petitcodiac river into Riverview and along Pine Glenn road to the first Dobson trail parking lot.

The Trail…

My first time here I took the main trail which goes to a big fire pit location and beyond but also loops back at that point. That was my first trip because I had limited time that day. The second trip was considerably longer.

I love the main trail which is easy to walk on but I chose to follow the trail that is close to the water but it’s a little tougher to walk and needs good hiking boots. I am in my sixties, had my good hiking boots and enjoyed it so much because I love brooks as well as taking photos of water, trees and colour.

Section of Mill Creek Along The Dobson Trail

Mother Nature’s Water Colours

DSC_0134-4I enjoy looking at water but there are those days when the light is just right the water is running just right and you didn’t leave home without your camera and you get to see something like the works of Mother Nature. Especially her works in water colours.

I can get lost in time when I am enjoy the colours around me so periodically I have to check my camera for the time as I don’t wear a watch any longer since I’ve retired.

When I first looking into the water in the above photo I immediately say an alien warrior. When I got home I put it online and asked what people saw. It was amazing to hear what each person saw. Reminded me of all the time I spent looking at cloud shapes as a kid and I even do that today… in my 60s.

DSC_0137-4 DSC_0136 DSC_0135-4
A few more brook abstracts from Mill Creek

Bought my first pair of snowshoes so I am curious to see how the trails are in the winter months.

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