Sussex Hot Air Balloon Festival 2015

DSC_0148-2I have known about the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Festival in Sussex, New Brunswick for decades but never managed to get there until this year.

Jenny and I were up at four, had breakfast then hit the road by five for the one hour drive from Moncton to Sussex.

We left early because I wasn’t sure about the parking because there was no parking on the streets in Sussex. Plus I was hoping we might catch a gorgeous sunrise before things started.

Parking was available right across the street from the park so it couldn’t get much easier than that.

Nice that we were parked so close to the park. We parked and made the two minute walk to the park. The only thing I will change for next year with be to bring lawn chairs so we don’t have to stand up.

The Sunrise

Sussex Sunrise
Sunrise at the Atlantic Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2015 in Sussex

There were plenty of clouds but I saw a dark pink line appear in the clouds and got ready for a nice display. Well it got as far as the panorama I created with 4 photos and then it was lights out for the sunrise. Glad I was quick on the trigger.

Filling The Balloons

DSC_0100-3I could feel the excitement growing once people pulled into the fenced off field and began to unfold their balloons and fill them with air.

On that note I would like to mention that many were disappointed with the 6 foot fence around the balloon area as most of us were there with camera expecting to get photos.

The people with the balloon on the right were sure efficient working with it because it was filled and took to the air long before any others were ready so it was pretty cool to see that the wind didn’t blow them out of sight. They just rose up in the air and kind of hung there for a while waiting for the others to stop sucking and start blowing…


Would love to have had some blue sky behind those balloons but on a positive note I am pleased that it wasn’t raining like it did the previous two days.

We both enjoyed the balloons and have already decided we will returned next year… with lawn chairs. And now that we know there is sufficient parking that is close we can leave Moncton a little bit later and still catch the sunrise.

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