Maritime Travel: New Brunswick – Fun and Recreation

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With the world’s highest tides in the Bay of Fundy and the backdrop of the Appalachians (the oldest mountain range in North America), visitors can expect New Brunswick to inspire the adventurous type. Its natural beauty encourages everyone to get active and enjoy this exceptional province.

Walking, biking, and hiking in New Brunswick can take visitors along scenic trails or discovery beaches. Tourists can explore sand dunes, walk on sandy beaches, visit lighthouses, or just admire deer grazing in the distance. They can take an afternoon walk through a quaint town and explore the historic sites and fascinating museums.

Take a walk down King Street in St. John (Canada’s oldest incorporated city). This street has an 8% grade. Over two city blocks, the street rises 80 feet (about the height of an eight-storey building).

Boating, fishing, kayaking and canoeing, as well as kitesurfing, are part of summer fun in Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick has an amazing river system. This Atlantic Province has 2,000 kilometres of coastline, saltwater beaches, and more than 20 inland freshwater beaches. Explore NB beaches, have a beach picnic, or go for a morning swim.

Visitors to New Brunswick can enjoy fun and recreation on land and sea. They can take part in everything from bird-watching to riding ATVs. Avid golfers will love playing on some of Canada’s top-ranked courses.

New Brunswick has first-class trails for walking or biking. The Sentier NB Trail system provides easy and challenging trails. These scenic routes offer varied experiences. The trails pass through countryside, cities, and forests. Mountain bikers love New Brunswick. The province has Atlantic Canada’s only bike-park trails accessible by mountain lift.

Tourists can camp on the seashore or in the mountains of the Appalachian range. Kids love camping in Jellystone Park. They can have ‘Junior Ranger’ adventures at this camping site.

Camp at Fundy National Park and the whole family can enjoy fantastic hiking trails. Vacationers will find plenty of camping opportunities across the province. Don’t miss the magnificent Miramichi area! There are even camp sites along the lovely Black River.

Tourists can take a safari through Seawind Buffalo Ranch – the only buffalo ranch in the Maritimes. They can go on a bear safari and observe bears in their natural home in the wilds of New Brunswick. For a unique activity, try ‘spelunking’ (the sport of exploring caves). ‘White Caves Adventure’ is a 3-hour excursion in the Hillsborough White Caves. Tourists can find exciting recreation anywhere in New Brunswick.

Visitors can enjoy leisurely drives through the various regions of the province – River Valley, Acadian Coastal, Fundy Coastal, Miramichi River, and Appalachian Range. You are bound to see wildlife along the way as you explore the scenic routes leading to New Brunswick cities, towns, and villages.

Visitors to New Brunswick will discover comfortable and affordable accommodations. They can choose from Atlantic Canada cottages and hotels as well as quaint inns, charming bed and breakfasts, luxurious resorts, and cozy cabins. Everyone is bound to have fun in beautiful New Brunswick.

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Atlantic Canada – Fun and Recreation

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