Maritime Travel – I Now Enjoy The Ride To PEI – Prince Edward Island

Confederation Bridge, Prince Edward Island, 2009
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I love Prince Edward Island or as most people say ‘PEI’ but never really enjoyed the wait or the trip on the ferry across the Northumberland Strait as I have always suffered motion and sea sickness, which tends to take the fun out of a lot of things. However, since the 12.9 km, $840,000 Confederation bridge from New Brunswick’s mainland to the island was constructed back in the mid 90s I have enjoy it much more. By 1997 there was no more waiting for my head to clear after the ferry ride, just fun enjoying scenic beauty that’s PEI.

The trip to PEI went from more than an hour plus what ever the wait time was if you arrived too early to just about 15 minutes. So a trip to PEI, across and back would take more than 2 hours out of your day but now it’s so much quicker.

However, if you wish to take a ferry ride to PEI you can still do so from Caribou, Nova Scotia. More info on that ferry here.

Here are a few relevant links to great info on the Confederation bridge:

Discovery Channel Coverage: Here is a link to the Discovery Channel’s Confederation bridge from New Brunswick to PEI video segment.

Confederation Bridge Web Cam: You can also watch a web cam of the Confederation bridge which gives you a nice view of the bridge and surrounding water, and a direct link to the Confederation bridge web site.

Wikipedia on the Confederation Bridge: We all know how informative Wikipedia is so check out what they have on the Confederation Bridge.

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