I Always Look Forward To The First Snow Fall Each Autumn In Moncton

Ladybug, Ladybird

Mid November, we still have a few ladybugs hanging around.

A year ago on the 14th of November we still had at least one ladybug flying around the yard and it was about 8 Celsius for the day. I imagine she was looking for a way into our warm house for the winter.

This year on the 14th we had our first 5cm of snow with a temperature right below the freezing mark. Just cold enough that the snow was light and fluffy instead of wet and heavy. Plus it really wasn’t enough to shovel so that was a bonus.

playground-snow_thumb.jpgThe temperature rose a bit which caused some of the snow to melt and over night the temperature dropped below freezing again so the snow was crispy and crunchy plus there was a little bit of ice. Just enough that I had to walk carefully.

It was calm enough that snow built up on chain link fences making some cool patterns of snow. I guy when through this spot with his two dogs just as I was about to take some photos and he brushed against the fence.

Snowy Chain Link FenceSnowy Sherrad StreetThe following morning I took a walk to get some photos of the fresh snow. One of my favourite spots to get a photo after snow is on Sherrard Ave a block over from our house.

When I look out our east facing kitchen window I can see the top of this evergreen tree. It only takes about 5 minute to walk there for a good shot.

Plus a couple of times a year the sun is just right so that we see the tree turn golden at sunrise which is really cool.

Walsh Street MonctonIt was still quite dark when I was out walking around the neighbourhood so I had to do a little editing to bring up the light in this photo. I tend to prefer early morning for my walks and photography as there is almost no traffic and pretty much zero people wandering around like myself.

I haven’t seen any roses on our bushes for a while now but the leaves are still vibrant and a healthy green so they looked great with clean white snow on them. The fact there was little to zero wind it piled up pretty quickly.

Snow Covered Rose Leavessnow covered power linesGlad the temperature cold enough that we didn’t have heavy wet snow as it was piling up pretty fast on the power and phone lines so wet snow could have easily put out power around here.

The power and phone lines did look really cool with the street lights lighting up the snow that was accumulating on them. The snow here was so light it didn’t even put a bend in the lines.

I went back home for a while and to have some breakfast and then I was back out to get a few photos in the sunlight. Like this maple tree that was still full of leaves. It started dropping leaves by the bag full once the snow sat on the leaves for a while.

maple tree yellow leavesIt was like a winter wonderland and now has people scrambling to get their Christmas decorations started. Personally I think I will wait for another couple of weeks. Maybe once we are in December.

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