Visiting Moncton? Hike The Humphrey’s Brook Trail

autumn berriesThis is the first year I have checked out the parks in Moncton other than Centennial park and I have been  have a great time. Even dropped 15 pounds.

I wanted to find more parks so I used Google Maps to find parks in Moncton. How simple is that.

I found a few and have been walking to them and through them and just a few days ago I headed off to Humphrey’s Brook Trail which has an entrance on the Lewisville road between Elmwood drive and Pleasant street.

From where I started to the end where Harrisville Blvd is 4.5 Km. People will park at one entrance and walk as far as they want and turn around. I liked it and followed it to the end and back. It was also autumn at the time and I was spellbound by the fall colours.

I slept really well that night.

I love seeing berries turn bright red like you can see in the top left photo. We have bushes with berries at home so we are blessed. There was also plenty of trees making the change to autumn colours so my head was going around and around and up and down. Such a fun day.

humphrey's brook trail colours
Autumn in Humphrey’s Brook Trail

mallard ducks humphrey brookWho does love seeing or hearing a brook or stream. Even though the water was low in the brook the ducks didn’t seem to mind. It just made dinner a little closer to their beaks.

I didn’t spend a lot of times with the ducks although I do like them but I had a long way to go and would likely see them on my way back when the sun was in a better location.

Actually when I got back later they were sleeping and sunny themselves so I left them a long and continue back home.

mushroom capsThe trail is well conditioned so walking is easy even for families with strollers. I saw a lady jogging with he little one in a stroller with larger wheels. I am sure the was sleeping or have a great time. A little while later she came back still jogging.

There are side trails that lead into the forest where if you are like me you can find mushrooms, fungus, moss and lichen for great photos.

I prefer looking for mushroom to photograph early in the morning when they are new and haven’t been damaged. This mushroom looked like an acorn but it wasn’t and there were more but they were still very tiny.

beautiful trail

After walking the 3 Km from home to the park then walking the 4.5 Km trail and 4.5 Km back to the start and then the 3 Km home I was beat for at least two days but had such a great time. I did have my bus pass so I could have taken a bus but the walking was so nice that day.


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