Got My New New Brunswick 2012 Touring Guide

new brunswick travel guideI love going to the mailbox and getting some things that aren’t just bills and today I got the New Brunswick 2012 touring guide I requested. It’s raining and I’m not going to be doing any yard work today so it’s a great day to start looking through the guide to see where Jenny and I will be visiting on our vacation this year.

If you’ve read our travel blog you know we don’t get to travel as much as we’d like to but we both retire soon and it’s travel for us, as much as we can afford, so we plan to plan our trips to save as much money as we can which makes a free guide priceless.

Vacationing And Site Seeing On A Budget

Money wasn’t always so much of an issue as it is for us today. So in our retirement we have to follow a pretty strict budget if we want to have smooth sailing. That means planning every aspect of our travels.

A few years ago we thought camping would save us money and reserved a camp site well in advance. When we got there the camp owner wasn’t available and we were exhausted from driving so we ended up renting a room at a motel right next door. This motel had a kitchen area right in the room and other luxuries we wouldn’t have camping.

The thing is the room was less than the camp site so we just cancelled our campsite and asked for our money back as no one was there to help us when we arrived. They were nice and we did get our money back but it made us think more about planning and not assuming what is cheaper.

Use The Travel Guide As A Guide

We are using our new travel guide to see what locations and sites we want to see during our vacation but then we will research to find the best bang for our buck so we don’t go over our budget.

Be sure to order your free New Brunswick travel guide today so you have it for planning your vacations or day trips.

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